b'Language 199LANGUAGE TOOLSRR621\x1fMAGNETIC WRITE & WIPE LAPBOARDThis handy lapboard featuresLL628\x1fDOUBLE-SIDED MAGNETIC a write & wipe surface thats also magnetic!WRITE & WIPE BOARD PP749\x1fLAKESHORE WRITE & WIPETempered hardboard; 9" x 12". 13.95 Double-sided, write & wipe and magnetic ANSWER BOARDSThese handy boards are perfect RR621X\x1fMagnetic Write & Wipethis lapboard has it all!Writing and drawingfor all sorts of classroom activities, games and moreLapboard - Set of 10 137.95 space on front and permanent baselines ongiving kids a fun way to reveal their answerswithout RR657\x1fLakeshore Lapboard Stand back make this board ideal for art, writing andshouting!The answer boards feature a blank write & Our solid wood stand holds lapboards thatmath!Tempered hardboard; 9" x 12". 18.45 wipe surface on both sidesand theyre made of thick, measure up to 9" x 12"for easy display!LL628X\x1fDouble-Sided Magneticsturdy hardboard for years of classroom use.Set of Stand is 3" x 13"; with a marker tray.9.95 Write & Wipe Board - Set of 10 183.95 10 boards in 2 colours; each board measures 8". 99.95Pockets are write & wipe!DE191\x1fREUSABLE WRITE & WIPE POCKETSave time, money & a ton of paperwith our sturdy, PP717\x1fLAKESHORE MAGIC BOARD RR718\x1fWRITING PRACTICE reusable write & wipe pocket!Just slide a worksheet With our irresistible Magic Board, kids will want toMAGIC BOARD Our board featuresintothesee-insidepocketandstudentswrite practice their printing skills again and again!The1 18 " baselines right on the screenso itsdirectly on the surface with a dry-erase markerthen permanently attached magnetic pen makes writingeasy to practice writing!Kids just use thewipe it clean!The 10 14 " x 13 18 ", double-sided vinyl fun and simpleand the easy-to-use eraser bar letspermanently attached magnetic pen to writepocket holds paper up to 9" x 12".In red. 4.95students clear the board in secondsand starton the board, then slide the eraser bar to wipeDE190\x1fReusable Write & Wipe Pocket - writing again!Sturdy plastic; 10" x 10 34 ". 21.95 it clean!Sturdy plastic; 9 12 " x 10 12 ". 21.95 Set of 102 each of 5 bright colours. 47.95PP717X\x1fLakeshore Magic Board -RR718X\x1fWriting PracticeGG379\x1fReusable Write & Wipe Pocket - Set of 10 217.95 Magic Board - Set of 10217.95 Set of 305 each of 6 bright colours. 119.95WRITE & WIPE MARKERS - THIN-LINE MAGNETIC WRITE & WIPE MARKERS Our narrow-tip, dry-erase markers make itWITH ERASER CAPSRR731\x1fALPHABET PICTURE STICKERS easy to create fine linesideal for use withThese incredibly convenient dry-erase markers This gigantic sticker set is packed with overlapboards, write & wipe cards and more. stick to any magnetic surfaceand have 3,100 letters and picturesenough for the wholeNontoxic.erasers built right in!Nontoxic. class to make dictionaries, spell words, create rebusDD103\x1f4-Colour Set 6.95 DD100\x1f4-Colour Set 8.45sentences and more!120 stickers for letters A to Z,DD104\x1f8-Colour Set 12.95 DD101\x1f8-Colour Set 14.95including both upper- and lowercase letters. 46.95 DD105\x1f Black - Set of 4 6.95 DD102\x1f Black - Set of 4 8.45Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'