b'60 PuzzlesJJ972\x1fDIFFERING ABILITIES PUZZLE SET FF431\x1fMOODS & EMOTIONS PUZZLE SETA boy with leg braces planting a garden, a girl in a wheelchair playingChildren explore their own feelings and moodsas they piece together fun baseball, and moreour beautifully illustrated puzzles show that childrenphoto puzzles featuring kids just like themselves!Our wooden puzzles each of all abilities have a lot in common!Each sturdy hardwood puzzlerepresent a different emotionfrom happy and angry to silly and scaredand features just 9-10 chunky pieces that are raised for easy handlingplusthey all have raised pieces for super-easy handling.Eight 9" x 12" puzzles, rounded corners for safety.Set of 6 puzzles; each is 9" x 12".114.95 each with 8-10 pieces. 159.95JJ309\x1fANIMALS UP CLOSE PUZZLE SETFrom a colourful tree frog to a beautiful blue butterfly, these kid-pleasing puzzles feature photos of amazing, real-life animals!Children get a detailed look at each animal as they fit big, raised pieces into the sturdy hardwood boards.Plus, each 9" x 12" puzzle has just 8-10 pieces, so theyre easy to put together!Set of 10. 199.95PP216\x1fCAREERS PUZZLE SET Build early job awarenesswith kid-pleasing photo puzzlesthatportraypeopleina variety of careers!The 12 wooden puzzles are free of racial and gender stereotypesandeachfeatures 8-10 raised pieces that are easy for littlehandstomanipulate.Each puzzle measures 9" x 12". 249.95Lakeshore'