b'Arts & Crafts 163PE121 \x1fWHITE BUTCHER PAPER ROLLThe 36"-wide roll includes 1,000 feet of 40-lb. paper thats perfect for any class project! 121.95PE120 \x1fCRAFT BUTCHER PAPER ROLLIncludes 1,000 feet of all- TA301\x1fFADELESS PAPER ROLLSpurpose brown paper.Roll is 36" wide; 40-lb. weight.(Not shown.) 81.95 Keep student projects and classroom displays looking their bestwith fadeless BM536 \x1fButcher Paper Holder/CutterIndustrial-strength metal rackpaper that stays true to coloureven in sunlight!Rolls are 48" x 50 ft. has a safe cutting edge and holds a 36"-wide roll on the floor or on a table- Specify colour:orange, royal blue, white, apple green, brown, black, emerald top.Measures 38"w x 6 34 "d x 8 12 "h.Easy assembly. 169.95 green, light blue, violet, bright blue, canary yellow or flame red. Each31.95LX375\x1fDUO-FINISHBUTCHER PAPER ROLLSBig and bright butcher paper thatstoughenoughtotake onanyclassroomproject! Whether youre creating post-ersordecoratingbulletin boardsanddoors,youcan be sure this versatile paper is made to last.Plus, its double-sidedusethesmoothsideART TISSUE PAPER A versatile medium for arts & crafts projects. with felt pens and fingerpaint,The giant, 20" x 30" sheets come in lots of vivid colours. and the textured side with tem-pera paint, acrylic paint, water- KW5850 \x1fArt Tissue Paper - 20 Sheets 7.95 colourseven chalk!You getKW5851 \x1fArt Tissue Paper - 100 Sheets 21.95a1,000-foot,36"-widerollof 44-pound paper.Please spec- RR269\x1fify colour:blue, green, red orLAKESHORE PAPER yellow.Each239.95 STORAGE CENTREKeep all of your classroom paper neat, organized and right where you can always BM369\x1fButcher Paper Floor Rack find it!The 6 roomy shelves Metal; 38"w x 47"h.Assembly req.(Shown.) 889.95 store 12" x 18" sheets or BM370\x1fPortable Butcher Paper Rack two stacks of 9" x 12"Like above, but with casters.Assembly req. 999.95 sheets.Plus, the shelves slide out, so its incredibly easy to access paper and refill the centre!Wooden centre has built-in handles; measures 11 12 " high.Easy assembly. 239.95LC654\x1fSUPER-SAFETABLETOP PAPER CENTRE Whether you need a little paper or a lot, its at your fingertips with our wooden centre!It featuresasuper-safe cutting edge, plus a lift-out dowel for replacing the roll.Tabletop centre measures 13 34 "w x 6 12 "d x 5 14 "h; with a 400-ft. paper roll. 113.95NEWSPRINT EASEL PAPERThe most commonly used art paper LC653\x1fAdditional perfect for easels, tabletops and more!Choose from the 2 sizes below. 12" Paper RollLC987\x1fNewsprint Easel Paper - 16" x 17 12 "200 sheets. 24.95 Roll is 400 feet long and TA9 \x1fNewsprint Easel Paper - 18" x 24"500 sheets. 39.95 12" wide.44.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'