b'Language 203LANGUAGE TOOLSFLANNEL BOARDSFeaturing durable, high-nap flannel KX34surfaces, aluminum frames and hangers for mounting.KX23\x1f24" x 36" Flannel Board 139.95 PH347KX34\x1f36" x 48" Flannel Board 241.95AW32\x1fCLASSROOM BULLETIN BOARD - 34" x 48" Aluminum-frame corkboard; with hangers. 174.95 AW32MAGNETIC WRITE & WIPE BOARDS These magnetic boards feature dry-erase surfaces and sturdy aluminum frames and come with hangers for easy mounting. Available in the 3 sizes listed below.PH345\x1f18" x 24" Write & Wipe BoardWith a detachable easel back for tabletop display.87.95PH346\x1f24" x 36" Write & Wipe Board With a detachable easel back fortabletop display. 169.95PH347\x1f34" x 48" Write & Wipe BoardWith a full-length tray for markers and erasers. 269.95ZW886\x1fWrite & WipePH346Board Eraser7.45PH345KX23ID9890\x1fADJUSTABLE CHART STANDOur durable stand has a steel frame with a chrome finish and rubber, no-mar feet.Stand adjusts from 53 12 " to 63" high; 30 12 " wide. 139.95BJ7461\x1f1" Ruled Chart TabletCart includes a full-size2 hanging organizers Contains 25 sheets of paper; each mea-pocket chart thatattach to the sides sures 24" x 32".(Shown.)34.95hangs right on back! for added storage! BJ7471\x1f1 12 " Ruled Chart Tablet25 sheets, each 24" x 32". 34.95JJ185\x1fALL-PURPOSE TEACHING CART TA3385\x1fUnruled Chart TabletAn organizer, a chart stand and a storage centreall in one!All-purpose cart has50 sheets, each 27" x 34". 49.953 storage levelswith 3 large bins on bottom, 4 smaller bins in the middle and aBJ7481\x1fDNealian Ruled Chart roomy shelf on top for larger items.It also has 2 handy organizers that attach to theTablet25 sheets have red base lines sidesproviding added storage for markers, magnetic let ters, sentence strips andand a 2" rule; each is 24" x 32". 49.95more.Theres even a pocket chart on back for teaching & display!Metal-frame cart has locking casters and measures 34"w x 16"d x 33"h.Easy assembly. 689.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'