b'Language 183BASIC SKILLSShown:Beginning SoundsLM420X\x1fSPLASH! JR. READING READINESS GAMES - COMPLETE SET A quick, easy way to develop essential reading skillsour super-fun pool-themed games are sure to make a splash!Kids just draw an inner-tube cardPP949\x1fPOSITIONAL WORDS RESOURCE BOXand keep it if they identify the target sound, name a rhyming word and more Children learn to recognize and understand positional wordsas they or start again if they draw a Splash!The first player to collect 10 cards wins!move cute manipulatives into one position after the next!You get You get all 5 games, each with 80 cards; cards are 1 34 ".For 2-4 players. 97.95 4 pairs of manipulatives, plus 24 cards with rebus-style instructions. Each game is also available separately. Kids just follow the instructions to move the objects into place, and LM421\x1f Beginning Sounds LM424\x1fAlphabet 19.95 then flip the cards over to check their work.With each move, kids (Shown.) 19.95 LM422\x1fMiddle Sounds19.95 boost their understanding of positional wordsand strengthen their LM425\x1fRhyming 19.95 LM423\x1fEnding Sounds 19.95 ability to give and follow directions!Bear measures 3 12 ". 58.95AA525X\x1fLAUNCH & LEARNShown:Rhyming SoundsLANGUAGE GAMES - COMPLETE SETAs students play our action-packed games, they push, launch,matchandbuildlanguageskills!Children simply launch tiles from the dispenser and place them on the corresponding spots on their game matsmatching rhyming sounds, upper- & lowercase letters, and beginning sounds.Each game comes with a sturdy tile dispenser, 48 wooden tiles and 8 different double-sided game matsso kids can play again and again!All 3 games, each for up to 4 players at once.Dispensers are 5 12 " tall. 189.95Each game is also available separately.AA528\x1fLaunch & Learn Rhyming Sounds 64.95AA526\x1fLaunch & Learn Alphabet 64.95AA527\x1fLaunch & Learn Beginning Sounds 64.95LL240X \x1f FILL-IN-THE-BLANK MAGNETIC ACTIVITY TINS - COMPLETE SETTheseready-to-useactivitytinsmake building language skills a blast!Children just flip over the magnetic lid and place an activity mat inside, then use the easy-grip magnetstofillintheblanksidentifying beginninglettersounds,matchingup rhyming pictures, completing words and so much more!Each magnetic tin comes with 15 different activity mats and 26 magnets, plus a sturdy metal lid that doubles as an activityboard.Completesetincludesall 3 tins; each tin measures 8" x 10 12 ".184.95Each activity tin is also available separately.LL237 \x1f Alphabet 61.95LL238 \x1f Phonemic Awareness 61.95LL239 \x1f Word Building(Shown.) 61.95Shown:Word BuildingPrices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'