b'Science 219Look into the viewers \x1f to see incredibleAnimalsLL600X LAKESHORE SCIENCEnature photos!VIEWERS - COMPLETE SETAn up-close look at the wonders of nature!Our kid-sized viewers come packed with amazingly lifelike photos and are super-easy for little ones to use:Kids just slide a disk inthen pull the lever to switch from one fascinating photo to the next! You get all 5 sets, each with a 4 12 " rugged plastic viewer and 35 photos on 5 disks. 169.95Each set is also available separately.LL601 \x1f Animals 34.95LL602 \x1f Sea Life34.95LL603 \x1f Insects & Spiders 34.95LL604 \x1fBirds 34.95LL605 \x1f Life Cycles 34.95Sea Life Insects & Spiders Birds Life CyclesGR700\x1fLIFE CYCLE SEQUENCING KIT GR242\x1fSEE IT GROW PLANT LABGive kids an intriguing view of 3 unique life cycles!This sequencing kit highlights theSeeds grow right before your eyes!You get three 4 34 " plexiglas life cycles of a chicken, frog and butterflywith 5 manipulatives for each animal. greenhouses containing a nontoxic gel that accelerates growth and Each manipulative shows a different stage in the animals life cycleso kids can putgives children a clear view of the roots.The gel contains all the them in sequential orderor compare all 3 life cycles!With 15 vinyl manipulatives;nutrients the plants needno watering required!Includes all you butterfly is 4 58 ". 64.95 need for 3 plants. 62.95Sea Life Life Cycle InsectsPlantsScorpion& SpidersTT910X \x1f EASY-VIEW SCIENCE SPECIMENS - COMPLETE SET Each set is also available separately.Our durable, easy-view specimens provide a fascinating look at plant andTT913 \x1f Sea Life Set 109.95animal life!Each set includes 4 specimens encased in rugged, lightweightTT912 \x1f Life Cycle Set 99.95acrylicwith the name of each specimen silkscreened right on it for easyTT914 \x1f Insects Set 109.95identification.You get all 5 specimen sets listed at right; each comesTT511 \x1f Plants Set 99.95complete with a teachers guide.Butterfly specimen is 3" x 3". 519.95 TT515 \x1f Scorpion & Spiders Set 109.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'