b'164 Arts & CraftsAA696\x1fLAKESHORE SCISSORS CENTREOur blunt-tip scissorsGG173\x1fCRINKLE-CUT CRAFT SCISSORS CENTREThese kid-are a breeze for kids to use!They have easy-grip plastic handles and high- sized craft scissors let children create scallops, ripples, waves and more! quality, stainless steel blades that make cutting a cinch for righties andEach pair features a different design, with the pattern printed right on the lefties.Plus, they come in a handy caddy that keeps them organizedandside, so its super-easy to identify.Plus, the scissors come in a handy hard-right where children can reach them!You get 12 pairs of scissors and awood and acrylic caddy that keeps them neat, organized and easy to reach! 7 34 "w x 5"d x 4 14 "h hardwood and acrylic caddy. 73.95 Includes 12 pairs of scissors and an 8"w x 5 12 "d x 5"h caddy. 86.95LL156\x1fLakeshore Scissors OnlyIncludes 12 pairs of 5" stainlessGG174\x1fCrinkle-Cut Craft Scissors OnlyYou get 12 pairs of steel scissors with blunt tips and easy-grip handles; in 4 colours. 31.95 5 14 " plastic scissors in 12 designs; for both righties and lefties. 41.95BEST-BUY CLASSROOM SCISSORS SAFETY SCISSORS High-quality, 5" scissors have corrosion-resistant,These classroom-safe stainless steel blades that create crisp, cleanscissors are speciallyEASY-SQUEEZE SCISSORScuts every timeplus molded plastic handlesdesignedforlittleScissors cut paper Kids just squeeze, and these scissors open right artists!5" scissorsback up for the next snip!Ideal for building that are easy for both righties and lefties to holdhave smooth plasticnot hair or clothes! muscle control in little fingers, the 7 34 " scissors and control.Available in blunt-tip or pointed-tip. blades that crisply cut through paperbut wont letfeature stainless steel blades and easy-grip loop TS547\x1fBlunt-Tip - Each2.95 kids cut through hair or clothes!Scissors fit bothhandles for righties and lefties.Scissors come in TS547Z \x1fBlunt-Tip - Dozen 34.95 righties and lefties, and come in assorted colours. assorted colours.TS548\x1fPointed-Tip - Each2.95 GS454 \x1fEach3.45 TS281 \x1fEach4.95TS548Z \x1fPointed-Tip - Dozen 34.95 GS454Z \x1fDozen 40.95 TS281Z \x1fDozen 58.95GC350\x1fSAFE & SIMPLE DIE-CUT MACHINESafe, simple and easy to use, this die-cut machine is perfect for the classroom!Just cover your paper with a ready-to-use die (sold below) and place it between the included cutting pads. Then turn the handle to slide the paper throughfor picture-perfect cutouts in an instant!The sturdy, portable machine cuts through everything from cardstock and felt to poster-boardand has rubber tips on bottom to keep it in place! Measures 6 12 " x 12 12 " x 14 14 ".Dies and storage rack sold separately below. 279.95GC350 GC141\x1fLowercase Alphabet Dies - 3 12 "Set of 26. 519.95GC142\x1fUppercase Alphabet Dies - 3 12 "Set of 26. 564.95GC143\x1fNumber Dies - 3 12 "GC145 Set of 9. 199.95GC144\x1fTeachers Favourite Dies - 3 12 " to 4 12 "Set of 10 dies includes a star, a heart, a handprint & more. 419.95 GC145\x1fDie Storage RackSturdy plastic rack holds up to 10 diesneatly and easily.Measures 5" x 7" x 11 14 ". 54.95Lakeshore'