b'106 FurnitureREST & RELAXATIONOurnewandimproved wipe-cleancotcoversare madeofstretch-resistant, 300-denierpolyesterwith heat-sealedseamsto prevent tearing and fraying. The high-grade polypropylene frames have safe, rounded cornersand theyre made ofonecontinuouspiece topreventbreakingand cracking.LC1587\x1fLAKESHORE EASY-STACK COTOur sturdy, tip-proof cot is lowLAKESHORE COT SHEETto the ground, so kids cant get hurt if they roll off!It features safe plastic ends andPoly/cotton blend; with elastic rounded cornersplus a stretch-resistant, 300-denier polyester cover with heat-sealedbands for a snug fit.Machine-seams and a wipe-clean, vinyl-coated surface.Multiple cots even stack for storage!wash and dry.Measures 51 34 "w x 21 12 "d x 4 14 "h; sleeping area is 48 12 " x 19".Lifetime warranty.LC1589 \x1fEach 24.95Comes in blue; for more colours, see our Colours of Nature Cots below and our KidsLC1589Z \x1fDozen 294.95Colours Cots on page 86.Comes assembled! Each179.95LC1597 \x1f Lakeshore Easy-Stack Cot - Set of 5Lifetime warranty. 889.95 PP188\x1fCot Clips - Set of 5Our durable plastic clips help kids find their cots at naptime!The clips easily snap on LC1591 \x1f Easy-Stack Cot CarrierOur super-sturdy carrier features extra-large,to the sides of our cotsand come with 10 cards for quick easy-rolling castersto make transporting up to 20 cots a breeze!Navy blue metaland easy labeling.Each clip measures 2" x 4". 26.95carrier is 50 12 "w x 20 12 "d x 5"h.Comes assembled! 239.95FF977\x1f COLOURS OF NATURE EASY-STACK COTComfy, durable and super-low to the groundour child-sized cot is perfect for resting and relaxing!Stackable cot has a stretch-resistant, 300-denier polyester cover with heat-sealed seams and a wipe-clean, vinyl-coated surface.Plus, its lightweight polypropylene frame has rounded corners to keep children safe.51 34 "w x 21 12 "d x 4 14 "h. Lifetime warranty.Specify colour:summer sand, forest green or ocean blue.Comes assembled! Each179.95FF970\x1f Colours of Nature Easy-Stack Cot - Set of 5You get 5 cotsall in the same colour. Lifetime warranty. Specify colour: summer sand, forest green or ocean blue. 889.95LAKESHORE COT SHEETPoly/cotton blend; with elastic bands for a snug fit.Machine-wash and dry.LC1589\x1fEach24.95 LC1589Z\x1fDozen294.95LC1591\x1fEasy-Stack Cot CarrierSturdy metal, navy blue carrier holds up to 20 cots.Measures 50 12 "w x 20 12 "d x 5"h; with 4 heavy-duty casters.Comes assembled! 239.95LC322\x1fLAKESHORE CALMING COLOURS REST MATS LC321\x1fLAKESHORE RAINBOW REST MATSKids rest easy on these cozy mats in soothing colours inspired by nature!These mats are so comfy and colourful, they make naptime the best part Our mats are made of 2"-thick foam covered in easy-clean vinyl.Eachof the day!Our mats are made of 2"-thick foam covered in wipe-clean measures 24" x 48".Please specify colour:almond tan, sky blue, seavinyl.Each measures 24" x 48".Please specify colour:yellow, green, blue or sage green. Each119.95 red, purple or blue. Each119.95PE326\x1fHeavy-Duty Rest Mat SheetFitted poly/cotton. 21.95 PE326 \x1fHeavy-Duty Rest Mat SheetFitted poly/cotton. 21.95PM404 \x1fSanitary Mat DividerVinyl; 24" x 48".(Not shown.) 13.95 PM404 \x1fSanitary Mat DividerVinyl; 24" x 48".(Not shown.) 13.95Lakeshore'