b'Furniture 107LC570X CALMING COLOURS GIANT REST & RELAXATIONPILLOWS - SET OF 4Our oversize pillows in calming colours are perfect for sitting, relaxing and enjoying quiet time!Each is filled with super-comfy foam and includes a soft, liquid-resistant polyester coverthatremovesfor machine-washing.You get a set of 4 pillows in 4 colours.PM15\x1fINDESTRUCTIBLE FOLDING REST MAT Pillows are 32" square. 654.95 The most durable rest mat ever!The 3-ply cover is impossible to tear, and LC571\x1fCalming Coloursthe nylon binding wont crack or peel.Plus, its moisture-proof!2" thick; Giant Pillow - Each opens to 24" x 48" and folds to 24" x 12".Guaranteed for 5 years. 109.95Pillow measures 32" square. PE326\x1fHeavy-Duty Rest Mat SheetFitted poly/cotton. 21.95Please specify colour:sky blue, almond tan, sea blue or sage green.164.95LC199\x1f LC193\x1fHEAVY-DUTY FOLDING REST MATCALMING This super-thick, foam-filled mat ensures a restful naptime!It has a vinyl COLOURS cover thats extra-tough, scuff-resistant and waterproof.Opens to 24" x 48" PILLOWS -and folds to 24" x 11" for storage; 2" thick. 104.95SET OF 5Get all the comfortPE326\x1fHeavy-Duty Rest Mat SheetFitted poly/cotton. 21.95 of our Calming Colours Giant Pillows in a smaller size!The soft pillows are filled with squeezable foam and have a wrinkle-resistant, machine-washable cover.Set of 5 pillows in the 5 colours shown.Each pillow measures 17" square. 249.95LC560X\x1fGIANT COMFY PILLOWS - SET OF 4 LC192\x1fHEAT-SEALED HYGIENIC FOLDING REST MATTurn any spot in the class- Our heat-sealed rest mat is comfy, durable and totally hygienic!The room into a cozy place to2" foam mat has a rugged vinyl cover with heat-sealed edges, so its relaxwith jumbo pillowscompletely waterproof and incredibly easy to keep clean.The mat opens kids can rest, lean or sit rightto 24" x 48" and folds to 24" x 10 12 ". 99.95on!Our pillows are filled withPE326\x1fHeavy-Duty Rest Mat SheetFitted poly/cotton. 21.95extra-cushy foam and have a soft, liquid- and wrinkle-resistant polyester cover that zips right off for machine-washing.Set of 4 pillows in 4 colours; each measures 32" square. 649.95LC561\x1fGiant Comfy Pillow - EachEach measures 32" square.Specifycolour:green,LC191\x1fPILLOW FOLDING REST MATyellow, blue or red.164.95 Our comfy rest mat has an end section filled with extra foam to give sleepyheads a soft pillow.The vinyl cover is waterproof.Mat opens to 20" x 46" and folds to 20" x 11" for easy storage;34 " thick. 64.95PE325\x1fPillow Rest Mat SheetFitted cotton blend. 24.95LC189\x1fCOMFYCOTTON THERMAL COT BLANKETPILLOWS -Made of breathable, machine-washable SET OF 5 cotton.Measures 36" x 50". Please Just like our Giantspecify colour:blue or green.Comfy PillowsonlyQX616\x1fEach 41.95smaller!These super- QX616Z \x1fDozen 499.95soft, colourful pillowsLC717\x1fBlanket Bags - Set of 12 are made of squeezable12 plastic bags; each is 2" x 12" x 16". foamand each has a(Not shown.) 99.95wrinkle-resistant, machine-washable cover.Set of 5 pillows in the 5 colours shown; each is 17". 259.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'