b'208 MathBASIC SKILLSShown:CountingStudents touch the textured FF186 \x1f EARLY MATHpictures as they count!ACTIVITY CENTRE 36 elephants come inGG610X\x1f TOUCH & MATCH MATH CARDS - COMPLETE SETGive students fun, hands-on practice3 sizes & 4 colours! Math practice meets tactile explorationwith super-cute match-ups children cant with sorting, patterning and counting! Our centre includes four 11 12 " x 18"wait to get their hands on!Kids just select a textured picture card & touch each animal activitymats,plus36elephantsinas they count to 20, add within 20 or compare numbers to 10then find the matching 3 sizes and 4 colours.Kids just placenumber or symbol to show their answer!All 3 sets, each with 40 self-checking match-the animals onto each mat as theyups in 4 leveled pockets, plus an activity guide; pockets are 4" x 9 34 ". 174.95practice copying and extending pat- Each set is also available separately. Each58.95terns, counting to 20, and sorting byGG617\x1fCounting(Shown.) GG619\x1fComparing Numberssize or colour! 94.95 GG618\x1fSimple AdditionTT280X\x1fMATH INSTANT LEARNING CENTRES - COMPLETE SETEach centre has enoughWith step-by-step picture instructions and materials for up to 4 children!hands-on activities that come ready to use, our instant centres make independent math Chart is double-sided! practice a snap!The centres have all children need to complete involving activities that cover a wide range of skillsfrom measuring and patterning to adding and subtracting.Plus, each centre has a double-sided activity chart that lets up to 4 children work at oncewith simple picture instructions that are easy to follow, so even nonreaderscanworkindependently! Includes 8 centres, each with a reproducible write & wipe assessment card. 519.95Each centre is also available separately. Each66.95TT951\x1fShapes TT281\x1fComparing Numbers (Shown.)TT953\x1fPatterning TT282\x1fMaking TenTT955\x1fCounting TT283\x1fSimple SubtractionTT284\x1fMeasurementTT958\x1fSimple AdditionLakeshore'