b'Dramatic Play 41JJ845\x1fBUTCHER-BLOCK TABLE AND CHAIR SET LC371\x1fALL-IN-ONE KITCHENOur 3-piece, child-sized dinette is perfect for role-playing mealtimes,A refrigerator, a microwave, a hutch, a eating a snack or even providing additional classroom worksink, a stove & an ovenin one space-space.The solidly built table has a wipe-clean butcher-block topsaving unit!Hardwood kitchen has 4 pretend burners, real-turning knobs, and smooth, rounded edging that prevents snags.Wooden tableplexiglas windows in the microwave and oven, and a super-realistic faucet.And measures 28"w x 21"h; the 2 chairs have 12" seat heights.Simpletheres plenty of space for play dishes and food, including a storage area below assembly.Play dishes and food are sold separately. 779.95 the sink.Unit measures 50"w x 15 14 "d x 44"h.G REENGUARDCertified.Comes JJ847\x1fExtra ChairHardwood; seat is 12" high. Each189.95 assembled.Play dishes and food are sold separately.2,249.95LDA179\x1fINDESTRUCTIBLEKITCHEN PLAYSETOur kid-sized dishes are made of safe, unbreakable plasticto last through years of pretend meals!The 60-piece set includes 12 place settings, plus an 11 14 " x 15" molded plastic rack that lets children wash and dry their dishesand easily store the whole set when theyre done. Dishwasher-safe; in a vinyl tote. 149.95EXTRA DISHESWith each set below, you get enough dishes and utensils for 4 or 12 children.LDA178\x1fService for 420 pieces.36.95LDA177\x1fService for 1260 pieces. 99.95LC300X\x1fLAKESHORE HARDWOOD KITCHEN SETExceptionally crafted by master woodworkers, these child-sized hardwood units provide years of imaginative play. They feature kid-friendly safety hinges that protect against injured fingers, plus chunky handles that make the doors easy to open and close.You get all 4 units.G REENGUARD Certified.Comes assembled.Play dishes & food are sold separately. 2,699.95LC326\x1fHutch Cabinet LC301\x1fStove LC251\x1fSink LC329\x1fRefrigeratorWith space for both display andWith knobs that really turn, plusWith a removable plastic basin forFeatures convenient storage storage.23"w x 11 14 "d x 40"h.an oven.18"w x 11 14 "d x 26"h.water play.19"w x 11 14 "d x 26"h.shelves.16"w x 11 14 "d x 36"h. Comes assembled. 739.95 Comes assembled. 679.95 Comes assembled. 649.95 Comes assembled. 739.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'