b'Sand & Water 9LA309\x1fECONOMY SAND & WATERTABLE Our lightweight, portable table sets up anywhereindoors or outfor instant sand and water play!The big plastic tub provides lots of room for digging and scoopingyet its a breeze to lift out of the sturdy aluminum stand for emptying and cleaning.And its so easy to adjust theLA308height of the stand:The simple push-button design lets you change the height from 18" to 21" in a flash.Table is 27 14 "w x 20"d.LA309Tub is 6 12 " deep.Simple assembly. 224.95LA315\x1fTop for Economy Sand & Water TablePlastic, 27 14 " x 20" top fits ourLA309table listed above. 99.95LA308\x1fGIANT ECONOMY SAND & WATER TABLELike our table above, only with a giant-size tub that allows several children to participate at the same time!Table is 34 14 "w x 22 14 "d;LA315 LA314adjusts from 18" to 21" to 24" high.Tub is 7" deep.Simple assembly.299.95LA314\x1fTop for Giant Economy Sand & Water Table Plastic, 34 14 " x 22 14 " top fits ourLA308table listed above. 144.95TT578\x1f COLOURED MOLD & PLAY SENSORY SAND MOLD & PLAY SENSORY SANDCreate colourful, eye-catching artout of sand!Our fun-to-touch sandGet ready for an amazing sensory experience!Our squeezable, easy-to-comes in bright colours that stimulate childrens imaginationsand theirshape sand feels and molds like wet sand but is completely dry and sticks sensesas they explore.Plus, it magically sticks together and will neveronly to itself!Its soft and irresistible to the touchinspiring hours of hands-dry outso kids can make tons of stunning sculptures again and again!on, tactile exploration!You get 5 pounds of soft, easy-to-mold sand. Please specify colour:TT233\x1fMold & Play Sensory Sand - 2.2 Lb. 26.95green, purple, blue or pink. 54.95 TT394\x1fMold & Play Sensory Sand - 10 Lb.69.95VF100X\x1fSAND PLAY CONSTRUCTION TRUCKS EE604\x1fLAKESHORE BIG BUBBLES KITLittle ones can dig, load, dump and haulwith super-rugged vehicles made justBig bubbles are easy to make & fascinating to explore with our fun-filled kit! for sand play!Each chunky sand mover features a large scoop or truck bed forYou get 10 bubble wands in irresistible shapes, plus 4 extra-wide trays and a hauling heavy loadsplus easy-rolling wheels and movable parts for action- no-mess dispenser.Longest wand is 12 14 ". 84.95filled play.You get all 3 plastic trucks shown; tractor is 13 14 " long. 129.95 WD111\x1fBig BubblesYou get12gallon of bubble solution.18.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'