b'28 ManipulativesLL646\x1f COLOUR-CHANGING LIGHT TABLEUse our spacious table to encourageLL526\x1fSPACE-SAVER COLOUR-CHANGING light and colour explorationand even inspire scientific inquiry!An extra-wide surface lets lots ofLIGHT TABLEAdd an exciting new dimension to children play and explore as the table lights up in 4 vibrant colours.Its even wide enough to fitcolour and light experimentswith an innovative, plug-in two of our Light Table Sensory Trays side by side (sold sep. on page 5)!Plus, a handy remotelight table thats perfect for small spaces!Our hardwood makes it easy to dim the lights, change up the coloursor make the lights flash through the rain- tablefeaturesabigilluminatedsurfacethatdisplays bow.Plug-in, 41 12 "w x 20"d x 20"h table features a wooden frame and an acrylic, LED-illuminated4 vibrant coloursand has plenty of room for building surface that stays cooleven after extended use.Simple assembly. 1,699.95 and exploring.Plus, a remote control allows you to change, dim or flash the coloursat the touch of a but-ton!Table measures 20"w x 20"d x 20"h.The LED-illuminated surface wont heat up after hours of use. Simple assembly.889.95Remote control lets you choose and change colours with the touch of a button! Tables display 4 glowing colours!LL555\x1fLIGHT TABLE PEGS & PEGBOARD Create uniqueMAGNA-TILES light-up patterns and designs with our translucent pegs and pegboard!These translucent magnetic tiles give children a fun, hands-on way to explore Perfect with our Colour-Changing Light Tables above (or any light table),colours and shapes as they build!The durable, easy-grip plastic tiles come the set includes a pegboard and 36 translucent pegs in 6 colours.Kidsin 5 shapes and 6 coloursand have magnets safely built right in, so they justplacethejumbopegsintotheboardcreatingone-of-a-kindstick together from every side for endless building possibilities.Large squares designs that really shine!Pegboard is 9 14 " x 9 14 ". Each Set46.95 measure 6".LL559\x1fLIGHT TABLE PEGS & PEGBOARD - 4 SETSDG546 \x1fStarter SetSet of 32 magnetic tiles. 109.95Includes 144 pegs and 4 pegboards.(Shown.) 139.95 DG547 \x1fClass SetSet of 100 magnetic tiles.(Shown.) 259.95Lakeshore'