b'102 FurnitureJUST LIKE HOMELM344\x1fJUST LIKE HOME CALMING CANOPYTransform any space into a comfy, cozy spot!Made of sheer, breath-able fabric, our lightweight canopy creates the perfect calming area for kids.Just hang it from the ceiling andletthesidesdrapedownor use the ties to pull them back for an airy, open feel!Machine-washable canopy measures over 7 12feet tall. Easy assembly. 179.95LK657\x1fJUST LIKE HOME COMFY COUCHGive children comfortable seating that remindsthemofhomewithour incrediblydurablechild-sizedcouch! Featuring the familiar look of cozy living room furniture, the wipe-clean texturedLM344vinyl couch has a sturdy wooden frame and cushy foam padding, plus a super-rugged design thats made to last and last!Couch has a 10"-high seat and measures36"wx19 34 "dx20 12 "h.Comes assembled! 679.95LK656\x1fJUST LIKE HOME COMFY CHAIR Similar to our couch above, but perfectly sized for individual children to sit, rest, read andmore!Super-comfychairis25"w x 19 34 "d x 20 12 "h; with a 10"-high seat.Comes assembled! 569.95LM343\x1fJUST LIKE HOME COMFY POUF SEAT A soft, versa-tile seating option thats easy to move wherever you need it!Plus, our light- LK657weight pouf is covered in durable tex- LM343 LK656tured vinyl, so its a cinch to wipe clean! 17"w x 10"h.Assembled! 239.95JUST LIKE HOME CARPETSCreate soft, welcoming spaces in the classroom with comfortablecarpetsthatcapturetheessenceof home!Featuring calming, nature-inspired prints in muted tones, our soil-resistant nylon carpets provide an ideal spot for children to enjoy playtime, storytime or quiet time.Plus, the carpets meet a Class I rating of NFPA 253 and the fire-resistance standards of the Uniform Building Code.Guaranteed for 10 years. Please see the chart to order rectangular or round carpets in your choice of 3 designs.Rectangular Round6\' x 9\' 9\' x 12\' 6\'Price 689.95 1,149.95 559.95Seagrass LK471 LK472 LK470Natural LK474 LK475 LK473MosaicBranches LK477 LK479 LK476'