b'Language 187LEARNING THE ALPHABETMatch the letters on the locks and keys to open the locks!TT811\x1fDOUBLE-SIDED MAGNETIC LETTER TILESThese colourful alphabet tiles stick together from every sidefor a fun, hands-on way to build language skills!Our translucent tiles LC126\x1fALPHABET LEARNING LOCKSOur learning locks help kids recognizefeature an uppercase letter on one side and the corresponding uppercase and lowercase letters, build alphabet skills and more!Children simplylowercase letter on the other, so kids can connect them to sequence choose a key and match it to the letter and picture on the lockwhen they make athe alphabet, build simple words and so much more!Set includes successful match, the key will turn, and the lock will open for instant reinforcement!48 durable plastic tiles in 4 colours with super-safe built-in magnets. You get 26 locks and 26 keys; locks are 3 14 " tall. 89.95 Each tile measures 1 34 " square. 114.95LL676\x1fMAGNETIC ALPHABET MAZEAn engaging, hands-onLL165\x1fLAKESHORE ALPHABET CONESway to explore the alphabet!Our hardwood maze has colourful balloonsOur irresistible ice cream cones make alphabet practice a real treat!Children that represent each letter of the alphabet, plus 26 corresponding lettersimply select a scoop featuring a lowercase letter, then easily snap it onto the cone magnets.Kids just use the attached magnetic wand to guide each letterwith the corresponding uppercase letter.Its a super-sweet way for kids to master into placemastering letter identification and alphabet order with everyletter recognition, matching and sequencingbuild fine motor skillsand more! match!The 14 12 " maze has a permanently sealed, clear-view top. 114.95 Set comes with 26 cones and 26 scoops.Plastic cones measure 2". 67.95FF315\x1fALPHABET MYSTERY BOX Just reach inside our Mystery Boxand discover kid-pleasing miniatures for every letter of the alphabet!Perfect for learning centres or independent practice, our big box comes with 26 min-iatures that help reinforce letter soundsplus a game board printed with uppercase letters. Students just match each minia-ture to its corresponding letter on the boardand master the alphabet and letter soundshands on!Game board mea-sures 15" x 20". 92.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'