b'160 Arts & CraftsAX20LAKESHORE DOUGH ASSORTMENT SET 1 AX30LAKESHORE DOUGH ASSORTMENT SET 2Heres nontoxic, pleasant-smelling dough in six super-bright colours!TheAdd even more colour to dough creations with our vibrant collection lidded, 3-pound plastic tubs keep dough fresh and pliable.Assortmentof 6 appealing shades!Each comes in a lidded, 3-pound tub to keep pack includes 6 tubs of dough in the 6 colours shown above. 136.95 dough fresh.6 tubs of nontoxic dough in the 6 colours shown. 136.95Each tub is also available separately. Each22.95 Each tub is also available separately. Each22.95AX2Red AX8Green AX16Purple AX7Lime AX11White AX10 TurquoiseAX4Blue AX6Yellow AX14Orange AX9Pink AX12Lilac AX3BlackTT578 COLOURED MOLD & PLAY MOLD & PLAY SENSORY SANDGet readyNONHARDENING MODELING CLAY BUCKETSENSORY SANDCreate colourful, eye- for an amazing sensory experience!Our squeez- Our vibrant modeling clay never dries outeven if kids catching artout of sand!Our fun-to-touchable, easy-to-shape natural sand feels and moldsleave the lid off!The soft clay is easy to work with, yet sand magically sticks together and will neverlike wet sand but is completely dry and sticks only tofirm enough to hold its shape for detailed creations. dry outso kids can make tons of stunningitself!Its soft and irresistible to the touchinspiringPlus, it wont harden, so kids can use it again & again! sculptures again and again!You gethours of creativity and hands-on, tactile exploration. You get more than 3 pounds of clay in 13 colours.5 pounds of soft, easy-to-mold sand.TT233\x1f2.2 lbs. 23.95 RA442 Each Bucket 19.95Specify:blue, purple, green or pink. 54.95 TT394\x1f10 lbs. 69.95 RA442Z Dozen Buckets 237.95LA278UPPERCASE ALPHABET & NUMBER DOUGH STAMPERS LA532LOWERCASE ALPHABET DOUGH STAMPERSOur easy-grip stampers put the entire alphabet and numbers 0-9 at childrensStamp out perfect letters with our nonstick lowercase stampers! fingertipsso they can practice letters and numbers as they create with doughThe 26 stampers have matching letters printed on topwith or clay!The 36 nonstick plastic stampers have numbers and uppercase lettersimpressions that are scaled to our uppercase stampers at left for clearly printed on each one.Stamper handles measure 4". 67.95 easy word building!Stamper handles measure 4". 53.95Lakeshore'