b'Manipulatives 37Glide the ball along the path!TT778 TT779JJ767MAGNETIC LEARNING LETTERS & NUMBERSskills they need to write on their own!Each set comes in a handy wooden Our hands-on learning letters and numbers help students develop the skillstray; letters and numbers measure 6" each.they need to start printingand build letter and number recognition along the way!Each wooden letter and number has a clear plastic top with aTT778 Uppercase Learning LettersSet of 26 letters. 419.95metal ball sealed right inside.Children use the permanently attachedTT779 Lowercase Learning LettersSet of 26 letters. 419.95magnetic wand to guide the ball along the lines and curvesbuilding the JJ767 Learning NumbersSet of 10 numbers from 0 to 9. 189.95EE600XFEED-THE-ANIMALSFINE MOTOR GAMES - COMPLETE SET EE601 EE603 EE602Children build fine motor control, develop eye/hand coordination and moreas they help hungry animals gobble up treats!Our games feature silly animals with giant mouthsplus fun-to-use tweezers made just for little hands.Kids use the tweezers to grab pretend treats and drop them into each animals mouthand fine-tune motor skills with every bite!All 3 games. 159.95EE601Feed-The-Dog Game Game features a 5 12 " vinyl dog, a bowl, 30 bones and tweezers. 54.95EE603Feed-The-Bunny GameGame includes a 6 12 " vinyl bunny, a basket, 30 carrots & tweezers. 54.95EE602Feed-The-Monkey Game You get a 5 12 " vinyl monkey, a barrel, 30 bananas & tweezers. 54.95EE607EASY-GRIP SAFETY TWEEZERS - SET OF 12Even beginners can pick up all kinds of small objects with our easy-to-use safety tweezers! Includes 12 chunky plastic tweezers with extra-long handles; each is 7".(Not shown.) 21.95LINKING MONKEYSIts a snap to build early math and language skills with our cute linking monkeys! Each monkey has a letter or number printed right on its tummykids just snapLC955\x1fBEGINNERS HAMMERING KITthe hands together to sequence the alphabet, practice counting, spell simpleA hammering kit safe enough for beginners!Kids use 4 plastic hammers to words and more!Sturdy plastic monkeys are 2 12 " tall. pound 36 plastic nails into the 12" foam boardeasily pry them outthen HH878 Uppercase LettersSet of 26. 54.95 stretch the burlap cover to close the holes & start again!79.95HH879 Lowercase LettersSet of 26.(Not shown.) 54.95 LC954\x1fReplacement Hammering Board 19.95 HH765 \x1f NumbersSet of 30; with numbers 1 to 30.54.95 LC953\x1fExtra Plastic Nails Set of 36 nails. 9.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'