b'118 FurnitureCLASSROOM DISPLAYMagnetic write & wipeBlank magnetic write & surface on one side. wipe board on one side.Hook & loop-receptiveLined magnetic write & surface on the other side! wipe board on the other!Handy rings hold pocketEasily displays pocket charts & chart tablets. LM510\x1fALL-PURPOSE TEACHING EASEL LM520\x1fALL-PURPOSE MOBILEcharts and chart tablets.Our versatile all-purpose easel has a magnetic write & wipeTEACHING EASEL - ELEMENTARYsurface on one side and a hook & loop-receptive board onOur mobile easel is just right for elementary the otherplus rings to hang a pocket chart or chart tablet.classrooms!It has a magnetic write & wipe Theres even a tray that can be placed on either side to holdsurface on each side:One is blank for a big book or markers!30"w x 52"h; with a steel framedrawing and demonstrating concepts, and and no-slip rubber feet.Easy assembly.(Shown.)Pocketone has permanent 1 12 " lines for writing. charts sold on p. 202; chart tablets sold on p. 203. 719.95 Plus, the easel has a tray for books, handy LM773\x1f ALL-PURPOSE TEACHING EASEL WITH rings to hang charts and tabletseven a LOCKING CASTERSLike above, but with 4 lockingshelf for supplies.Steel-frame easel sits on Wide 30" tray is perfect4 locking casters for easy mobility.Easel isSturdy shelf keeps for holding big books! casters.Measures 30"w x 57"h.Easy assembly. 779.95 30"w x 63"h.Easy assembly. 989.95 supplies in easy reach! LC634\x1fEASY-CLEAN LC635\x1f CALMING LM902\x1fDOUBLE-SIDED WRITE & WIPE ROOM DIVIDER COLOURS EASY-CLEAN MAGNETIC ROOM DIVIDER Our divider has an easy-cleanROOM DIVIDERCreate orga-Our convenient room divider has 2 write &vinyl surface and a stablenized spaceswith a lightweight wipe magnetic sidesfor twice the hands-onplastic frame thats light anddivider available in 4 soothing colours!It stands ver-learning!Plus, it features 4 locking casterseasy to move.Plus, you can position it vertically ortically or horizontally, features an easy-clean vinyl that make the unit easy to rolland holdhorizontallyand even use the included brackets tosurface&includesbracketstoconnectmultiple it securely in place.The hardwood roomconnect 2 or more dividers.Divider measuresdividers!61"w x 15 12 "d x 47 34 "h; with a tough plastic divider measures 49"w x 14"d x 39"h.61"w x 15 12 "d x 47 34 "h.Please specify colour:red,frame.Specify:mint green, sea blue, almond tan or Easy assembly.809.95 yellow, green or blue.Easy assembly. 449.95 sky blue.Easy assembly.449.95Lakeshore'