b'Childrens Books 175RR160\x1fSPACE-SAVER BOOK TREE Bring a touch of the out-doorsintoyourclass-room with our nature-inspiredSpace-Saver Book Tree!The com-pact,wall-mounted tree features 4 built-in shelvestobeautifully display kids favourite ti-tles,makingiteasyfor children to see and select books.Wooden book tree measures 47 34 "w x 52"h.869.95RR850X\x1fMULTICULTURAL STORIES PAPERBACK LIBRARYStudents gain pride in themselves & increase their understanding of others with this spectacular story collection!Weve included books about children from faraway places and kids from here at home, traditional stories & legends, and contemporary tales about life today.Includes 12 paperback books. 249.95RA131\x1fDIFFERING ABILITIES PAPERBACK LIBRARYColourful images and engaging text help children learn how people areRA397\x1fKINDNESS & COMPASSION PAPERBACK LIBRARYdifferentand also the same!Ideal as discussion starters, the books in thisThese carefully selected titles promote inclusion, empathy & encouragementcollection show that kids of all abilities have a lot in commonand helpwith tons of heart and sensitivity!Featuring simple narratives and kid-friendly dispel stereotypes with stories about autism, blindness, asthma and more.artwork, the 12 paperback books invite discussion while empowering children Includes 12 paperback books. 209.95 to seek out healthy relationships and be their best selves. 238.95RE244\x1fHEALTHY HABITS PAPERBACK LIBRARY RE437\x1fFEELINGS & EMOTIONS PAPERBACK LIBRARYThis enriching library highlights the benefits of healthy habitsfrom hand- With simple, reassuring language, plus expressive photos and illustrations, washing and doctor visits to screen-free fun and mindfulness!With a mix ofthis collection helps children recognize a variety of emotionsand learn pos-easy-to-read fiction and nonfiction titlesall with beautiful illustrationstheitive ways to express their own feelings!Each book focuses on a different set of 12 paperback books helps teach children the importance of taking caretopicfrom feeling scared to being thankfulwith inviting stories children will of their bodies and minds. 199.95 love to hear again and again.You get 12 paperback books. 224.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'