b'STEM 217Little Red Riding Hood RapunzelGingerbread ManPP630X\x1fFAIRY TALES PROBLEM SOLVING STEM KITS - SET 2 Each kit is also available separately.Children use STEM skills to help their favourite fairy tale characters!Perfect for build- PP629 \x1f Little Red Riding Hood Kit32 plastic basket builders, ing problem-solving skills, each kit includes a story card that presents a dilemma for10 apples, 4 figures, cards & a guide.Largest piece is 5 12 ".99.95kids to solve.Children have to plan, create and test solutionsto help a prince scalePP627 \x1f Rapunzel Kit60 plastic ladder builders, 4 figures, a a tower to rescue Rapunzel, get the Gingerbread Man across a riverand more!You15 34 " plywood tower, cards and a guide.131.95get all 3 kits; each comes with a STEM-focused story card, building materials, plusPP628 \x1f Gingerbread Man Kit28 plastic builders, 4 figures, student and teacher cards with lesson plans and full support.324.95 rubber bands, a 10 34 " x 15" water tray, cards and a guide. 99.95AA898\x1fROLL & RACE! ACTIVITY RAMPKidsexploremotion, friction, cause & effect, andmorewitha2-lane activity ramp that brings STEM FF998\x1fI CAN BUILD IT! CONSTRUCTION conceptstolife!Childrenjust PLANKSChildren get a hands-on introduction toplace a textured path on each side of STEM as they replicate real-world designs!Kids justthedividedwoodenrampthencom-look at the photo on an inspiration card and balancepare how the different textures affect the wooden planks on top of each other to build anspeed and momentum of rolling objects. airplane, a bed, a bridge, a skyscraper, train tracks &Great for use with toy vehicles, balls and moreno glue, screws or snaps needed.IncludesCards have a possiblemore, the ramp includes 6 rugged plastic 100 planks with smooth, rounded edges & 15 double- solution on back! paths.Ramp measures 16" long.Cars not sided, 8" x 8" cards colour-coded by difficulty. 64.95 incl. 99.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'