b'20 Active PlayOur school-quality vehicles feature\x1f heavy-duty construction with high-quality, sturdy steel frames \x1f rugged, long-lasting tires that are tip-resistant\x1f no-pinch handles that prevent oversteering \x1f solid, spokeless wheels to protect little fingers\x1f nonslip pedals & footboards for added safetyCHILD-SIZED SAFETY HELMETSLittleheadsgetallthe protection they need with these rugged safety helmets. Theyre made of extra-dense styrene with a super-tough, protective coating, so theyre lightweightandimpact-resistant.Plus, adjustable straps and soft padding ensure a comfortable fit. The helmets meet ANSI andLA158\x1fLAKESHORELA152\x1fLAKESHORE ASTM safety standards andSCOOTER TRIKE (1-3 years)3-WHEEL SCOOTER (3-6 years) come in 3 sizes.Please seeHeadOur super-stable trike features aThis scooter has safety built right inthe chart below to order. Circumference Price child-safedesignwithalowwith 3 super-wide wheels that keep it CS416\x1fX-Small/Toddler 18"-19 12 " 44.95 9 12 " seat!Plus, the trike is pedal- stable.Plus, the footboard is extra-wide, freeso kids never need to worryso children feel steady and secureCS417\x1fSmall/Child 19 58 "-21 14 " 49.95 about catching their feet!Measuresit even has a skid-resistant surface. CS418\x1fMedium/Youth 21 14 "-22 34 " 54.95 23 12 " in length.Guaranteed forScooter measures 24" tall.Guaranteed 5 years.Simple assembly. 429.95 for 5 years.Simple assembly. 429.95LA325\x1fLAKESHORE BALANCE BIKE (3-6 years)Help children make a smooth and safe transition from trike to bike!Kids develop the gross motor skills and balance they need to ride a standard bike while scooting around on our pedal-freeJJ374\x1fKEEP IT SAFE! TRAFFIC SIGNSdesign.The specially made rubber tires never go flatplus, theOur child-friendly signs are made of rugged, all-weather plastic, so theyre the perfect contoured seat easily adjusts to fit children of different heights.addition to any roadwayindoors or out!The easy-to-read signs are lightweight and Bike measures 32" in length.Guaranteed for 5 years.Simplea cinch to set upyou can even fill the bases with sand or water to keep them extra-assembly.489.95 stable.Set of 6; each measures approximately 31" tall.Easy assembly. 209.95Lakeshore'