b"Furniture 111CLASSROOM CARPETSCOLOURFUL BUTTONS SEATING CARPETS LK668\x1fColourful Buttons Carpet for 20Kid-friendly design meets classroom functionwith cheerful seating carpets that are truly8' x 9' carpet seats 20 students. 939.95as cute as a button!Featuring rows of colourful buttons that give individual children plentyLK669\x1fColourful Buttons Carpet for 30 of personal space, the comfortable carpets make it a breeze to organize seating for reading9' x 12' carpet seats 30 students.(Shown.) 1,149.95time, group activities and more.Super-soft nylon carpets meet a Class I rating of NFPA 253 and the fire-resistance standards of the Uniform Building Code.Guaranteed for 10 years.ALPHABET ACTIVITY CARPETSChildren hop on a heart, walk onand the fire-resistance standards of the Uniform Building Codeand each a wagon, sit on a sun and moreand master the alphabet letter by letter!includes an extensive guide packed with activities.Guaranteed for 10 years. Our extra-plush, ultra-soft carpets feature a roomy space for every letter TT668\x1fAlphabet Carpet - 6' x 9' 689.95each with an uppercase and a lowercase letter, plus a bright, easy-to- TT669\x1fAlphabet Carpet - 9' x 12'(Shown.) 1,149.95recognize picture.Students can explore the alphabet from beginning to end, practice letter recognition and letter-sound associationor just sit on their favourite letters!The nylon carpets meet a Class I rating of NFPA 253 Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca"