b'Arts & Crafts 165Pump offers instant access to glueand easy refills!LAKESHORE GLUE STICKSWith our no-mess glue stick, you never have to BEST-BUY SCHOOL GLUE worry about sticky drips or spills again!Nontoxic Get a super-strong hold with this water-soluble glue that sets quickly and driesglue dries quickly and dries clearand the easy-grip stick applies just the right amount!Each is .28 oz.clear.Safe for all ages, it is nontoxic, washes easily off hands and clothes,TT505\x1fEach1.25 TT505Z\x1fDozen 14.95and is harmless if swallowed.Glue comes in unbreakable plastic bottles.Our 4-ounce and pint sizes feature no-clog tops!LAKESHORE JUMBO GLUE STICKS RS264\x1fGallon33.95 RS262 \x1fPint 7.95 Just like our smooth-gliding glue sticks above, only RS263\x1fQuart 11.95 RS4 \x1f4 Ounces3.95 in a big, extra-chunky size thats super-easy for HH144\x1fGlue PumpThis handy plastic pump screws right onto our gallon- small hands to grip!Each is .78 oz. Easy-glide glue dries size glue bottlefor quick and easy refills without messy spills! 46.95 TT506\x1fEach 1.95 TT506Z\x1fDozen 22.95 fastand dries clear!YD500\x1fPEEL & STICK MAGNETIC TAPE LA412GLITTER GLUE PAINTERS CA721\x1fCLEAR ADHESIVE ROLL - 16 FT.Hang and reposition arts & crafts projects, postersOur glitzy Glitter Glue Painters let kids create tons ofThis clear, self-adhesive plastic provides a pro-and moreon whiteboards, file cabinets or anyeye-catching effects!The 12 easy-to-use painterstective surface and is excellent for laminating othermagneticsurface!Thishandytapehascome in 6 nontoxic colourswith handy squeezeartwork.Repositionable within 24 hours.Roll adhesive on one sidejust cut the length you needbottles that make it a cinch to apply just the rightmeasures 18" wide x 16 feet long. 19.95and stick it to the items you want to hang!Includesamount of glitter glue.Each bottle is 2 fl. oz. 34.95 CA722\x1f CLEAR ADHESIVE ROLL-50 FT.4 rolls that each measure12 " x 10\'. 39.95 Roll measures 18" wide x 50 feet long. 59.95LM923\x1fSUPER-SAFE CRAFT TAPE CENTRE - 1"Our centre holds 8 rolls of colourful craft tapeperfect for bulletin boards and art projects!The MAVALUS STICK ANYWHERE TAPE 11 34 " wooden centre has a safe plastic cutting edge so children can help themselves, plus no-slip Perfectforwallsandbulletinboards,thisrubber feet.Comes complete with 8 tape rolls in 8 colours. 179.95marvelous all-purpose tape stays puteven onSD742\x1fExtra 1" Bright Tape PackFour 60-yd. rolls:blue, red, orange and green. 61.95difficultsurfaceslikebrick,cinderblockandSD743\x1fExtra 1" Pastel Tape PackFour 60-yd. rolls:pink, yellow, light blue and light green. 61.95more.Each pack includes 4 nine-yard rolls ofLM927\x1fSUPER-SAFE CRAFT TAPE CENTRE -12 "1"-wide tape. All the kid-friendly features of our centre above, only with thinner tape!You get 8 different coloursCA110 \x1f White Tape Pack 48.95 including black and white.Wooden centre measures 7 12 " wide.126.95CA115 \x1f Multicoloured Tape Pack 48.95 SD748\x1fExtra12 " Tape Pack8 rolls of tape in the 8 colours shown.Each roll is 60 yards. 64.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'