b'Childrens Books 177HH651HH656LC1479HH650X\x1fBIG BOOK STORYTELLING ACTIVITY KITS - HH652\x1fDinosaurs, Dinosaurs Kit 134.95COMPLETE SETClassic big books, cute storytelling props andHH653\x1fSilly Sally Kit 134.95engaging activitieseverything you need for lively, literature-basedHH658\x1fFrom Caterpillar to Butterfly Kit 134.95learning!Each kit features a big book, plus all the props you need toHH651\x1fMouse Paint Kit(Shown above right.) 134.95retell the storyfrom hand puppets to soft-stuffed characters.HH654\x1fIf You Give a Mouse a Cookie Kit 134.95Weve even included activity materials like riddles and story sequencingHH657\x1fThe Seals on the Bus Kit 134.95cards that extend the fun of the book, plus a guide filled with cross- HH656\x1fThe Cow That Went Oink Kit(Shown above left.) 134.95curricular activity ideas!Complete set includes all 8 kits, each in aHH655\x1fIn the Tall, Tall Grass Kit 134.95hanging bag.Rack sold separately. 1,049.95 LC1479\x1fActivity Kit Storage RackMetal; 36" high. 86.95BK665X\x1fCLASSROOM FAVOURITES BK370X\x1fCLASSROOM FAVOURITES BK435X\x1fCLASSROOM FAVOURITESBIG BOOKS - SET 1 BIG BOOKS - SET 2 BIG BOOKS - SET 3A super addition to your language program,ExpandyourclassroomlibrarywiththisThese kid-favourite titles are filled with charming these great big books feature simple words andoutstanding collection of big books that containsstories and captivating illustrations everyone is lots of repetition.As children read along, they5 of the most popular titles in childrens literaturesure to enjoy!Children explore the ocean with explore animal sounds, play with a barnyard fulltoday.Simple words and engaging illustrationsthe Rainbow Fish, use their senses to make of animals and more.Set of 5 books; eachinvite the entire class to participate.Collectionexciting discoveries, race through a village with measures 17" to 19 14 " tall. 159.95 includes the 5 big books shown; each booka speedy gingerbread boy, and more.Set BK1812 \x1f It Looked Like Spilt Milk 30.95 measures 15 18 " to 18" tall. 179.95 includesthe5bigbooksshown;each BK660\x1fBig Red Barn 38.95 BK338 \x1fThe Little Red Hen38.95 measures 13" to 18" tall. 154.95BK6528 \x1fThe Napping House 26.95 BK723 \x1fCaps for Sale 38.95 BK2231 \x1fMy Five Senses 38.95BK646 \x1f The ThreeBK371 \x1f Brown Bear, Brown Bear,BK471 \x1fThe Three Bears 26.95Billy Goats Gruff 26.95 What Do You See?42.95 BK331 \x1fThe Gingerbread Boy 26.95BK460\x1f Polar Bear, Polar Bear,BK321 \x1fGoodnight Moon29.95 BK1968 \x1fThe Rainbow Fish 43.95What Do You Hear? 44.95 BK472 \x1fIf You Give a Mouse a Cookie 38.95 BK428\x1fWhat I Like About Me! 26.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'