b'36 ManipulativesPP282MAGNETIC COLOUR MAZE A n irresistible, hands-onPP283 MAGNETIC COUNTING MAZEway to explore colours!Our sturdy hardwood maze has 8 built-in paintBuild number recognition, practice counting and fine-tune motor skills with cans, plus fun magnetic balls in 8 bright colours.Kids use the attachedour fun magnetic maze!The 13" x 14" hardwood board has 10 gumball magnetic wand to guide the balls through the maze and drop them intomachines representing numbers 1-10, plus 55 colourful magnetic balls matching paint cansbuilding colour recognition and fine motor controlfor students to count.Kids use the attached magnetic wand to move along the way!Maze measures 13" x 14" and has a permanently sealedthe balls through the maze and drop them into each gumball machine, top to keep all 56 balls contained.99.95 counting as they go!With a permanently attached top. 99.95FD117INDESTRUCTIBLEEE228GIANT ALPHABET BEADS BD292\x1fLACING ANIMALSGIANT BEADS & PATTERNS Reinforceletterrecognition,alphabetHeres an engaging way to build eye/hand coordi-Our beads come in 5 shapes and 4 colours sequence, spelling skills and morewith ournation and fine motor control!This fun lacing set with extra-big holes for no-fail lacing!Plus,set of large alphabet beads!Our chunkyis made especially for small handschildren just theyre made of unbreakable plastic for years1" beads feature both upper- and lowercasethread the laces through the holes in the animal-of use.You get 68 beads and 16 double- lettersand they come with long, 36" lacesshaped boards.You get 16 sturdy plastic animal sided cards in a tub, with 10 laces.Cubeswith plastic tips for easy stringing.Includesshapes in the 4 designs and colours shown, plus are 1 38 ". 79.95 74 plastic beads in a tub, with 6 laces. 67.95 sixteen 32" plastic-tip laces in 4 colours.Dolphins measure 5 34 ". 34.95Zip Snap Button Buckle Lace TieAA330XDRESSING FRAMES - COMPLETE SETdouble-sewn covers for years of use.You get both frame sets shown, for a Our beautifully crafted Dressing Frames encourage beginners to practicetotal of six 9" x 11" frames.Each set comes in a vinyl pouch. 146.95dressing skills and develop finger dexterity!The sturdy, lightweightAA371Zip, Snap & Button Dressing FramesSet of 3. 74.95frames have extra-large snaps, buttons and more, so theyre perfectAA372Buckle, Lace & Tie Dressing FramesSet of 3. 74.95for little handsand the solid hardwood frames have thickly padded, Lakeshore'