b'52 Dramatic PlayLC355SET\x1fLAKESHORE MULTICULTURAL CLOTHING SETFrom a Mexican falda and blusa to a Japanese happi coat, our traditional attire lets children experience clothing from cultures around the world!The outfits are a cinch for children to put on and take offand theyre machine-washable for super-easy care. Clothing fits ages 3 to 6. Complete set includes all 6 outfits shown. 419.95LC335\x1fGhanaian LC332\x1fIndianLC333\x1fChinese LC338\x1fJapaneseLC337\x1fMexican LC339\x1fNigerian Dashiki and Kuka Kurta and Scarf Manchurian Robe Happi Coat Falda and Blusa Iro, Buba and Gele Cotton shirt is beau- Our embroidered cottonTraditional Chinese robeOur detailed, superior- You get a cotton skirtCotton pullover shirt, tifully patterned andshirt has hook & loopfeatures hook & loop clo - quality happi coat iswith elastic waistband &head wrap and adjust-includes a matchingclosures; comes with asures; machine-washablemade of sturdy, wash- a charming, coordinat- able skirt with a hook & hat. 67.95 matching scarf. 72.95 polyester. 67.95 able cotton. 67.95 ing blouse. 77.95 loop closure. 72.95AA124\x1fLAKESHORE CAREER HATCOLLECTIONOur super-rugged hats are made especially for school usewith a heavy-duty plastic design thats easy to cleanand completely disinfect! Theyll even stand up to repeated washing with bleach.Plus, the realisticallydetailed hats feature adjustable headbandstofit everychildinthe class.Set of 8 hats.Easy to clean inside and out! 209.95LL680X\x1fTODDLER CAREER COSTUME SET LL683\x1fFirefighter 63.95Even little ones can be doctors, firefighters, chefs and morewith realistic costumes designed justLL685\x1fDoctor 63.95for them!Each one is made of machine-washable fabric or wipe-clean vinyland comes with a hatLL687\x1fConstruction Worker 68.95and an accessoryfrom a super-safe hammer for the construction worker to an official-looking policeLL682\x1fPolice Officer 63.95badge for the officer.Plus, all 6 outfits have a simple pullover design with hook & loop closures rightLL686\x1fChef 63.95on the side, so tots can dress themselves!Costumes fit ages 18 months to 3 years. 389.95 LL684\x1fMail Carrier 68.95Lakeshore'