b'Language 197WRITINGLIGHT TABLE TRACING TILESWriting skills shine as kids trace with our colourful tiles! Children simply place a translucent tile onto a light table or panel, lay a piece of paper on topand LC153\x1fWOODEN LAP DESK start tracing. As students form each upper- and lowercase letter, simple word or adorable picture, they practice printing, explore letter sounds and boost vocabulary!Each set includes 26 tiles, With our portable lap desk, children can work wherever26 dividers, a storage box and a guide.Tiles measure 4 12 " x 5 18 ".Light panel sold separately. they feel most inspired!The handy wooden desk featuresLL806 \x1f Alphabet Tracing Tiles 66.95a flat surface at just the right height for kids.Plus, itsLL807 \x1f Simple Words Tracing Tiles66.95super-durable for years of repeated use, yet light enough for children to move around the classroom.Lap deskTB490 \x1f Tabletop Light PanelPlastic panel has a 13" x 17 12 " illuminated surface and measures 18"w x 12"d x 11"h. Lifetime warranty. 189.95 rubber feet to hold it firmly in place; includes an AC adaptor. 369.95FF727 \x1f EE609 \x1f MY FEELINGSAA786 \x1f MY FIRSTRR631 \x1fMY FIRST JOURNAL JOURNAL Kids express theirDRAW & WRITE JOURNAL DRAW & WRITE JOURNALUnlined, 60-page journal encouragesemotions as they colour an emoji onThe perfect journal for beginners Ideal for slightly older childrenwith kids to explore early writingwithouteach page to show how theyrewith writing and drawing space, plusmore lined writing space, plus room worrying about staying on the base- feeling that daythen draw andalphabet reference pages for extrafor drawing!With a writing guide lines!8" x 10 12 "; with an alphabetwrite about it!Journal measureshelp.Journal measures 8" x 10 12 ";and a high-frequency word list. page and a sight-word list. 6.45 8" x 10 12 "; 60 pages. 7.45 60 pages. 7.45 Measures 8" x 10 12 "; 60 pp. 7.45FF728 \x1f My First Journal -EE610\x1fMy Feelings Journal -AA787 \x1f My First Draw & Write RR630 \x1f Draw & Write Set of 10 63.95 Set of 10 73.95 Journal - Set of 10 73.95 Journal - Set of 10 73.95GG259\x1fACCELERATEAA773 \x1f BLANK LEARNING LANGUAGEHARDCOVER BOOKACTIVITY JOURNAL Art-quality paper thats per-Fromthealphabettofect for crayons, markers & beginning phonics, ourpaintwithin a sturdy hard-journal is packed withcover binding to keep cre-175 language activitiesations safe!Theres even a that progress in difficulty preprinted title page for kids enoughforeverydayto fill inand a cover thats oftheschoolyear!great for use with contact 8" x 10 12 "; 71 pp. 7.95 paper or collage materials! GG260\x1f Accelerate9 34 " x 9 34 "; 20 pp. 7.95Learning LanguageAA774 \x1f Blank Activity Journal -Hardcover Book - Set of 10 78.95 Set of 10 78.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'