b'Classic Dominoes Game.236 Colour-Changing Light Centre, Cot Sheets.79, 86, 106, 122, 125 Index 239Classic Farm Animal Collection.55 Tap & Play2 Cots & MatsClassic Games for Beginners236 Colour-Changing Light Tables28 79, 86, 106-107, 122, 125Classic Hardwood Activity Boards. Colour-Changing Touch Board.35 Cotton Craft Puffs166.148 Colour Chips, Light Table29 Cotton Thermal Blankets.107, 120 Cubes, Jumbo Linking.30Classic Hardwood Train Set45 Colour Cubes.205 Couch, Easy-Clean Comfy43, 105 Cuddle Ball, Calming.2Classic Ocean Animal Collection Colour Discovery Boxes146 Couch, Read & Relax.174 Cuddly Puppy Weighted Lap Pad2.55 Colour Sorting.3, 16, Couches, Comfy Cuddly PuppyClassroom Calming Kit2 31-32, 145-146, 148, 206, 208, 236 .43, 104-105, 122-123, 174 Weighted Shoulder Wrap.2Classroom Carpets108-115, 131 Colour Sorting Kit, Count and Link.211 Cuddly Washable Dolls140Classroom Carry-All.157 Tweezer Tongs32 Count the Stars! Number Slider Cultures of the WorldClassroom Cart Colour Viewers.147 .211 Theme Box & Book Library.185with Cover, Outdoor12 Coloured Craft Sticks.166 Countdown Timer, Light-Up227 Curved Storage CentreClassroom CD/Cassette Player Coloured Mold & Play Counters.204-205 with Acrylic Back.129with BLUETOOTH.65, 227 Sensory Sand160 Counting & Numbers8, 15, Cushion, Sensory Hideaway.3Classroom Chairs. Coloured Pencils157 29, 33-34, 36-37, 110, 112-113, Cushion, Wobble10575, 83, 87, 95-97, 104, 127 Colourful Buttons Carpets.111 145, 148, 157, 161, 185, 198, 200, Cute Critters Glove Puppets Set.Classroom Clay & Dough Colours & Shapes Activity Mats16 204-212, 236 .56Designer Kit.161 Colours & Shapes Bingo236 Counting Boxes211 CVC Words.181, 190-192Classroom Collage Box.166 Colours & Shapes Carpets110 Counting Carpets.110, 112-113 CVC Words, Snap & Build.191Classroom Communication Colours Beanbag Set.16 Counting Cars210 Cymbals62& Storage Centre.93 Colours of Nature Carpets.113 Counting Cones.211Classroom Display Furniture. Colours of Nature Chairs.96 Counting Dough Mats161 D.118-119, 226 Colours of NatureCounting Daily Attendance & ClassroomClassroom Favourites Big Books Easy-Stack Cots.106 Family Engagement Pack.209 Helpers Chart229.177 Colours of NatureCounting Daily Schedule Chart.229Classroom Floor Puzzles.61 Furniture96, 106, 113 Instant Learning Centre208 Dealing with FeelingsClassroom Food Set, Real-Size44 Comet Balls, Soft & Safe.18 Counting Board Book Collection176Classroom Label Pack.229 Comfy Book Nook, Its a Snap! Math Centre.207 Decorate & Design Paper Squares.Classroom Magnetic Letters Kit Just-My-Size.130 Counting, Light Table Math.29 .167.189 Comfy Chairs Counting Maze, Magnetic.36 Decorate-Your-Own Tote Bags169Classroom Management System 43, 105, 122-123, 174 Counting, Descriptive Words Magnetic.229 Comfy Classroom Carpets115 Touch & Match Math Cards.208 Language Learning Rods.181Classroom Math Comfy Couches. Counting Trays.29, 204 Design & BuildManipulative Centre205 .43, 104-105, 122-123, 174 Courageous Lions Engineering Centres214Classroom Nook, Comfy Furniture, Toddler.122 Boulder Blocks27 Design & Build Water Blocks.7Flex-Space Jr. Mobile.74 Comfy Pillows.107 Covers, All-Weather.67-70 Design & Play STEAM Kits168Classroom Resources. Comfy Seats.135 Cozy Cabana, Outdoor68 Design Blocks, Young Architectssee Teacher Resources Comfy Stools104 Cozy Corner Canopy.103 .26Classroom-Safe Glider Rocker.120 Communication Centres79, 93 Craft Butcher Paper Roll163 Design Builders38Classroom Song Bank CD123 Community Block Play People25 Craft Containers, Store-It-All.169 Design Cards, Pattern Blocks.213Classroom Spin Art Centre, Giant. Community Garages23 Craft Laces.167 Design Centre,.152 Community Helpers, Craft Materialssee Arts & Crafts Stand-Up Magnetic.33, 215Classroom Step Stool, No-Slip.95 Soft & Safe.140 Craft Paper.162-163 Design Rollers159Classroom Supply Caddy116 Community Workers Craft Puffs, Cotton.166 Diaper-Changing MaterialsClassroom Tables Poster Pack.224 Craft Puffs, Magic169 .120-12175, 83, 87, 95, 98-99, 127 Comparing Numbers Craft Sticks.166 Dice, Foam Number.205Classroom Timer, Giant.227 Family Engagement Pack.209 Craft Tape.165 Die-Cut Machine, Safe & Simple.Classroom-Tough Trucks45 Comparing Numbers Crane, Block Play.25 .164Classroom Yoga Kit, Flip & Solve Boards.209 Crawl & Climb Caterpillar.16 Differing Abilities,Peaceful Kids.14 Comparing Numbers Crawl & Explore First Climber136 Block Play People.25Claves.62 Instant Learning Centre208 Crayon Pack, Differing AbilitiesClay & Dough Designer Kit, Comparing Numbers, Jumbo People Colours.157 Equipment for Dolls.49Classroom.161 Touch & Match Math Cards.208 Crayons.156-157, 198 Differing AbilitiesClay Bucket, Comparing Sizes Activity Box.179 Crayons, Animal Finger157 Paperback Library.175Nonhardening Modeling.160 Composition Book, Crazy Shapes Differing Abilities Poster Pack.224Clay/Dough Accessories. First Picture-Story.201 Magnetic Building Set.30 Differing Abilities Puzzle Set60.160-161 Composition Books.201 Create-A-Burger Differing Abilities,Clear Adhesive Roll165 Computer Station.82 Sequencing Stacker33 Soft & Safe Children142Clear-View Bins Cones, Alphabet.187 Create-A-Path Magnetic Centre.33 Dimpl, Pop & Play Sensory.145.74, 77-78, 80-81, 85-86, 89-91, 93 Cones, Counting211 Create-Your-Own Mini Books.169 Diner Drop Balancing Game236Clear-View Boxes & Lids.117 Connect & Store Book Bins.116 Creative Construction Dino-Dig Excavation Kit.8Climb & Play Soft Blocks.134 Connective Furniture132-133 Magnetic Builders.30 Dinosaur Counters.204Climber, Tot Tunnel134 Connective Storage Unit, Creature Builder.34 Dinosaur Figures54-55, 146, 204Climbers16, 122, 134-136 Play-Top133 Crib, Hardwood Doll49 Dinosaurs Floor Puzzle61Clip & Create Builders35 Connectors, Connective Furniture Cribs & Crib Sheets120-121 Disabilities.see Differing AbilitiesClothes for Baby Dolls.48 .133 Crinkle-Cut Craft Scissors.164 Discovery Table, Outdoor70Cluster Bells62 Consonants Quiz Cards, Crinkle Strips166 Discovery Tubes.220, 222Coat Lockers.73, 77, 86, 90 Power Pen!.182 Crystal Building Blocks29, 147 Dishes, Play41Cobblestone Carpet, Construct-A-Letter Crystal Climbers.29 Dishwasher-Safe Plastic Baskets.Natural Accents.115 Activity Centre.188 Cubbies & Coats Storage Centre .53, 116-117, 125-126Coins, Play205 Construction Paper162 .131 Display & Store Teaching Cart226Collage Animals167 Construction Site Floor Puzzle61 Cubbies & Shelves Display Centre,Collage Frames, Peel & Stick169 Construction Trucks, Sand Play9 Storage Unit, Outdoor.69 Childs View Changeable137Collage Materials165-169 Construction Vehicles, Cubbies & Shelves, Display, ClassroomCollage Treasure Boxes.169 Hardwood25 Store Anything.93 .118-119, 189, 202-203, 226Colour & Light Discovery2, 5, Containers, Store-It-All Craft.169 Cubby Bins, See-Inside.77, 86, 90 Display Shelves, Magnetic.19810, 28-29, 31, 35, 147, 187, 197, Conveyor Belt, Block Play.25 Cubby Storage Units, Display Stands, Book73,221-223 Corner Storage Centre.129 Classic Birch89, 91 78, 86, 92, 94, 125, 129, 170, 175,Colour-Changing Light Centre, Costumes.50-53, 142 Cube Chairs, Indoor/Outdoor105 191-192, 200, 226Play & Explore.147 Cot Clips79, 106, 125 Cubes, Calm Down2 Disposable Sanitary Gloves.121Lakeshore'