b'184 Language Our theme boxes feature hands-onBASIC SKILLSFF405X\x1fLAKESHORE THEME BOXES - SET 1Our all-inclusive theme boxes make it easy to explore everything from seasons and weather to outer spacewith comprehensive, hands-on lessons that span the curriculum!The boxes feature classroom-favourite themes and are packed with props and manipulatives that give children a concrete sense of each concept. Plus, you get a guide with tons of involving activities that cover 10 curriculum areasfrom math to dramatic play.Materials come in stackable plastic tubs.Complete set includes all 8 boxes. 999.95RE875SET\x1fLAKESHORETitle Theme Box Theme Book LibraryTHEME BOOKFood & Nutrition(Shown.) FF968 134.95 RE974 91.95LIBRARIES - SET 1Extend the learning experienceSeasons & Weather FF966 134.95 RE978 76.95with delightful books coordinatedCommunity & Careers FF947 134.95 RE988 79.95to our theme boxes!Each library includes 5 paperbackEarth & Environment FF941 134.95 RE996 77.95 books specially selected toTransportation FF404 134.95 RE976 84.95complement our boxes above.Space FF969 134.95 RE973 79.95Set of all 8 libraries shown below. 639.95 All About Me 134.95 RE971 67.95FF922Alphabet FF945 134.95 RE992 81.95Lakeshore'