b'194 LanguageFRENCH & INDIGENOUS MATERIALSLC421\x1fFRENCHALPHABET TEACHING TUBSAisforavionandaigleBis for bague and baleine!28 skill-building tubs are packed with over 150 miniatures representing each letteroftheFrenchalphabet, including ch, and . Perfect for exploring everything from the alphabet and letter sounds to building vocabulary, playing memory games & more. Set of 28 tubs, 64 letters and a guide. 379.95LA627\x1fTeaching Tubs Storage Rack The perfect way to keep our tubs above neat and organized!Lightweight metal rack is 25"w x 18"h. 149.95Cards are organizedby story element.KT895\x1fFRENCH READING COMPREHENSION OVERHEAD KITKT894\x1fFRENCH MAP-A-STORY Our skill-building kit features 12 graphic organizers that can be used toanalyzePOCKET CHART PROGRAMany classroom book, plus 27 simple text passages & activitycutouts thatJust what students need to organize ideas, sequence introduce each comprehension skillfrom main idea to fact & opinion!49.95 events, explore story elements & more!125 activity cards are colour-coded into 4 story categories:Students just map out the essential elements of a storythenwrite the com-plete story on their own!3" x 8 12 " cards come with a guide. Chart not included.28.95Lakeshore'