b'228 Teaching ResourcesQuick-release closure unfastens when pulled, keepingUpper pocket children safe! is perfect for small supplies TT991\x1f LAKESHORE SAFETYlike pencils & NAME TAGS - SET OF 20 scissors.Big, easy-to-read and super-safe for kids, our name tags couldnt be betterRoomy lower pocketfor classroom use!The 20 clear-viewis reinforced to name tags feature hook & loop closures in frontso theyre a cinch for kidshold notebooks!to put on by themselvesand they instantly unfasten when tugged or pulled. Each strap is 11 12 " long fastened.With 20 insert cards for kids names.54.95 VR993\x1f SAFETY NAME TAGS - SET OF 5Set of 5 reusable name tag holders and lanyards with insert cards for students names. 13.95TT992\x1fRefill Pack for Safety Name TagsSet of 20 additional insertJJ110\x1fAT-YOUR-SEAT STORAGE SACKJust hang this sturdy 1 sack over the back of students chairsto put essential supplies within reach cards for students names.Each has a colourful star border; 34 " x 4". 4.45 and keep desks clutter-free!The 15" x 16 14 " nylon sack has 2 easy-access pocketsincluding a small pocket on top and a big, reinforced pocket below for notebooks.Fits chair backs up to 13" wide. Each22.95JJ110X\x1fAt-Your-Seat Storage Sack - Set of 10227.95LL169\x1fCARRY-ALL TEACHERS CADDY Apocketforeverything from markers and pencils toscissorsandglueplusanextra-roomy interior for books, folders, planners and more!The PP117\x1fMAGNETIC PICTURE POCKETS - SET OF 20Simply slide8-pocket caddy has rugged in a childs picture and label it to create charts for attendance, birthdays,canvas construction with a tasks and more!You get 20 reusable magnetic pockets and 80 insert cards. reinforced bottom and easy-tote handles.Measures Pockets are approximately 3" x 4".Magnetic board not included. 46.95 12 34 " x 5 34 " x 8" tall. 49.95LL119RR752\x1fTAKE-HOMEBACKPACKOur light-weight vinyl pack is great for sending home books, art & more!It has 2 clear, zippered pocketsand straps that adjust from JJ271 14" to 25" to fit kids of all sizes.9 12 "l x 3"w x 12"h. JJ271 \x1fLAKESHORE MANUSCRIPT NAMEPLATESNameplatesSpecify:red, green or that double as a desk reference!Our 36 nameplates include a number line,blue. Each21.95an alphabet, pictures, shapes, colours and a ruler!Each is 4" x 18". 11.95 RR752X\x1fTake-HomeLL119 \x1f Self-Adhesive Nameplate SleevesKeep nameplates look- Backpack - Set of 10 ing like new all year with protective sleeves that stick right on childrensSpecify colour:red, desks!Includes 12 sleeves that work with 4" x 18" nameplates. 61.95 green or blue.217.95FF680 HH455FF680 \x1f LAKESHORE ALPHABET NAMEPLATESOur nameplates feature a preprinted alphabet, writing lines to add childrens namesand more!Pack includes 36 cardboard nameplates; each is 3 12 " x 11 12 ". 8.95AA295\x1fSCHOOL-TO-HOME ORGANIZER Projects wont get lost HH455 \x1f Nameplate Display Trays - Set of 6 Our handy trays have ain the shuffle with this handy organizer!It has 2 big pockets for homework, slot in back that nameplates slide right into, plus a molded tray in front to keepbooks and more, each with a blank card in front for communicating information supplies from rolling off childrens desks.Set includes 6 sturdy plastic trays; eachto parents.Vinyl, 10" x 13" organizer has a hook & loop closure.Each16.95measures 12" and features open ends to fit a variety of nameplate sizes. 37.95 AA295X\x1fSchool-To-Home Organizer - Set of 10 167.95Lakeshore'