b'Instant Learning Spaces 231LK403\x1fARTS & CRAFTS INSTANT LEARNING SPACEThis thoughtfully designed space features all the supplies and materials every young artist needsfrom kid-sized furniture to crayons, markers, dough and construction paper!Its the go-to spot for kids to get creativeand inspiredas they paint, draw, stamp and more. 6,799.95INCLUDES:\x1f Heavy-Duty Preschool Storage Unit\x1f Heavy-Duty Holds Everything Storage Unit\x1f30" x 60" Heavy-Duty Adjustable Rectangular Table \x1f 1112 " Heavy-Duty Stacking Chairs - Set of 6\x1f Heavy-Duty Hardwood Easel\x1f Clear-View Storage Boxes - Set of 4\x1f Dishwasher-Safe Plastic Baskets - Set of 2\x1f Regular Dot Art Painters - Set of 6 Colours\x1f Nonhardening Modeling Clay Buckets - Set of 2\x1f Dough - Set of 6 Colours\x1f Alphabet & Counting Dough Mats\x1f Super-Safe Paper Centre\x1f Alphabet & Number Dough Stampers\x1f Classroom Clay & Dough Designer Kit\x1f No-Spill Paint Cups - Set of 10\x1f Natural-Bristle Paintbrushes - Set of 10\x1f Design Rollers\x1f Uppercase & Lowercase Alphabet Giant Stampers\x1f Texture Brushes\x1fBest-Buy Washable Broad-Tip Markers - 8-Colour Pack of 200\x1fFully Washable Liquid Tempera Paint - Pint - Set of 10 Colours\x1f Scissors Centre\x1f Classroom Carry-All Supply Caddy\x1f Best-Buy Standard Crayons - 8-Colour Box of 800\x1f9" x 12" Construction Paper - 500 Sheets in 5 Colours\x1f Super-Safe 1" Craft Tape CentreLK405\x1fLIBRARYINSTANT LEARNING SPACEHeres everything you need to get childrenexcitedaboutreading!From fun & cozy seating options and a plush carpet to plenty of storage for the included books, puppets andmore,thisspace featureshigh-quality furniture and engaging materials to create an instant library in your classroom! 5,299.95INCLUDES:\x1fHeavy-Duty Space-Saver Storage Unit\x1fHelp-Yourself Heavy-Duty Bookstand - 3-Foot Wide\x1f6\' x 9\' Natural Accents Leaves Classroom Carpet\x1f Just Like Home Comfy Chair\x1f Just Like Home Comfy Couch\x1f Soft & Safe Tree Seats - Set of 3\x1f Dishwasher-Safe Plastic Basket\x1f Fill a Bucket Storytelling Kit\x1fLittle Red Riding Hood Storytelling Puppets\x1f Paperback Books - Set of 24\x1f Hardcover Books - Set of 13Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'