b'Arts & Crafts 159LA712\x1fGIANT WASHABLE COLOUR INK PADS SET 1 AA103\x1fGIANT WASHABLE COLOUR INK PADS SET 2What could be more fun than stamping impressions with our giant-size inkFive more brilliant, kid-pleasing coloursthat are completely washable padstheyre big enough for apples, leaves, even kids handprints!Jumbofor convenient classroom use!Our second set of jumbo-size ink pads pads hold lots of vivid colour, and the ink is fully washable for easy cleanup! consists of the 5 super-bright colours shown; each stamp pad measures Set of 5 stamp pads in the 5 colours shown. 63.95 a big 6" in diameter. 63.95LA768\x1fGiant Washable Colour Ink Pad AA176\x1fGiant Washable Colour Ink PadEach ink pad measures a big 6" in diameter.Please specify colour choice: Jumbo washable ink pad is 6" in diameter.Please specify colour choice:orange, purple, blue, red or green. Each12.95 teal, yellow, lime, aqua or pink.Each12.95LA290\x1fWASHABLE 6-COLOUR STAMP PADLL171\x1fLAKESHORE WASHABLE INK PADS SET Now you can have the convenience of 6 bright rainbow colours in one handy This vibrant ink washes right off skin and clothesfor quick and easystamp pad!The nontoxic ink is even washableso children can stamp and cleanup!Plus, the ink pads come in 5 bold shades that children will lovecreate without worrying about staining their hands or clothes!Stamp pad to stamp.Set includes 5 nontoxic ink pads in the 5 colours shown.includes a permanently attached clear-view lid and measures 6 12 " x 5"; each Each ink pad measures 3 12 " x 2 14 ". 47.95 of the 6 colour squares measures 2". Each16.95LL172\x1fLakeshore Washable Ink Pad LA295X\x1fWashable 6-Colour Stamp Pad - Set of 4Please specify colour:green, black, blue, purple or red. Each9.95 Set includes 4 stamp pads; each measures 6 12 " x 5". 66.95ALPHABET GIANT STAMPERSStamp out the alphabetone letter at a timewith our incredible, king-size stampers!Each stamp features a silkscreened image on top, so children can be sure the letters are facing DR501\x1fLAKESHORE DESIGN ROLLERS the right directionand theyre made of dense EVA foam, so every Children simply press our handy rollers in ink, then roll out perfect stars, polkaimpression comes out bright and clear.Each set listed below includes a dots, squiggles and more!The set includes 6 sturdy plastic rollers in 6 differentcomplete alphabet of 26 stampers.Ink pad is sold separately. designs, each with a chunky, easy-grip handle that lets children get creative LM594\x1fUppercase StampersEach is approximately 2 12 ". 51.95 without getting ink on their hands!Each design roller is 6". 31.95 LM604\x1fLowercase StampersEach is approx. 2"-2 12 ". 51.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'