b'38 ManipulativesTT230X \x1f LAKESHORE MANIPULATIVE LIBRARY 1These fascinating manipulatives provide a wide range of graduated learning challenges.Children build eye/hand coordination as they link, push and snap the pieces togetherthen advance to constructing complex objects and designs.Library 1 consists of all 4 sets shown below (TT221, TT184, TT234and TT208), each in a sturdy, stackable plastic box.Boxes are 15" x 10 14 " x 6" high. 379.95TT221 \x1f Slot-A-Shape TT184\x1fBuildersChildrencanWaffle Builders create tons of 3-D construc- Our sturdy plastic waffle tionswith colourful plasticblocks fit together from shapes that slot together onevery directionfor end-all sides!400 plastic piecesless building opportunities! come in 6 colours & 6 shapes;80 interlocking pieces in in a storage box.The larg- 5 styles and 5 colours; in est piece is 2 14 ". 104.95 a storage box.Largest is 2 78 " x 7 38 " long. 99.95TT234\x1fStack &TT208\x1fPipe Builders Create BuildersPerfect for open-ended con-These sturdy builders stackstruction, these builders are and snap togetherso kidssuper-easy to connect! can construct up and outYou get a box filled with for unlimited building fun!150plastictubesin 288 plastic pieces in 2 sizes &4 shapes and 4 colours. 4 colours, plus a storage box.Straight tube measures Largest builder is 2". 99.95 2 34 ". 79.95TT250X\x1fLAKESHORE MANIPULATIVE LIBRARY 2 Extend the challenges and possibilities of Library 1with this irresistible collection!Children will be inspired to twist, notch and stretch to create super-fun structuresfrom giant gear constructions to fantastic imaginary creatures.Library 2 consists of the 4 sets shown below (TT127, TT149, TT126 and TT253).Each comes in a stackable plastic storage box.Boxes are 15" x 10 14 " x 6" high. 409.95TT127 \x1f Gear Builders TT149\x1fDesign Builders OurgearsslidetogetherorChildrensnaptogether stack up highfor cool con- straightlinesandcurvy structionsthatareabreezeshapesin5stylesand to connectany way4 bright colourscreating fun, childrenlike!Youfree-form designs and even get170ruggedletter shapes!300 plastic plastic, 1 34 " pieces inpieces in a storage box; 4coloursallinalongest piece is 4". 99.95storage box. 94.95TT126\x1f TT253\x1fStretch & Connect Nuts & Bolts Builders BuildersKids stretch and con-These big, easy-grip nutsnect these fun-shaped buildersto and bolts are a cinch tocreate unique constructions connectchildren simplythey can bend, twist, pull match them up by colourand roll!Set includes a and shapethen twist themstorage box packed with together!Set of 128 plastic94 plastic pieces in unique pieces comes in a storageshapesandsizes. box; bolts are 2 12 ". 94.95 Longest builder is 5".124.95Lakeshore'