b'150 Arts & CraftsNot all washablePX2016LAKESHORE FULLY WASHABLE LIQUID TEMPERA - tempera is the same! 1 PINTNo more stained, ruined clothesthese brilliant paints are Lakeshore Others completely washable from skin and clothing!Available in 1-pint bottles. Specify:turquoise, yellow, orange, red, green, violet, blue, black, brown or white. Each7.95PX2020FULLY WASHABLE Vibrant Colours! LIQUID TEMPERA Bright, clean colours look greatASSORTMENTwith every stroke. You get 10 one-pint bottles in 10 colours.(Shown.) 76.95Fully Washable!Washes easily from childrens skinso cleanup is a breeze.No Staining!Completely washes out of fabricso it wont stain childrens clothes.PX2128LAKESHORE FULLY WASHABLE LIQUID TEMPERA - 1 GALLONOur top-quality paints wash from skin and clothingand have just the right con-sistency for smooth and easy painting!Includes 1 gallon.Please specify colour:red, blue, orange, turquoise, white, yellow, violet, brown, green or black. Each34.95LC195 Paint PumpKeep paint flowing with no lifting, shaking or pouring!The pump even locks when not in use! 8.95AA340WASHABLE FINGERPAINT - 1 PINTNow little artists can get super-messywith completely washable fingerpaint!Our vibrant paint has a smooth, glossy texture that spreads easily and wont crack when dried.And it washes off skin and clothes! Specify:turquoise, red, yellow, black, blue, violet, green, white, brown or orange. Each8.95AA342WASHABLE FINGERPAINT ASSORTMENT10 one-pint bottles in 10 colours.(Shown.) 87.95LCW19603-WAYTABLETOP EASELLA949LAKESHORE HEAVY-DUTY This easel lets kids create with HARDWOOD EASELThis rugged hardwood easelchalk, write & wipe markers or was built to endure years of use!It has two 24" write &painton any tabletop!The wipe surfacesso when kids arent painting, theyingenious design has a chalk-can draw with write & wipe markers.Trays each holdboard on one side & a write & 6 paint cups and adjust to 3 heights.With no-slipwipesurfaceontheother, legs and 4 easel clips; 24"w x 21 34 "d x 47"h.Easyplus 2 clips to attach paper for assembly.(Shown.) 569.95 painting!The sturdy wooden DG123TODDLER HEAVY-DUTY HARDWOODeasel is 15 34 " x 16 34 " x 20"; EASELDouble-sided easel has 2 write & wipewith no-slip leg tips. 124.95surfaces, 2 trays and 4 easel clips; measuresLC987Tabletop Easel24"w x 19"d x 39 14 "h.Easy assembly. 529.95 PaperYou get 200 sheets TA9Newsprint Easel Paper of newsprint paper; each is You get 500 sheets of 18" x 24" paper. 39.95 16" x 17 12 ". 24.95Lakeshore'