b'200 LanguageLANGUAGE TOOLSGG965X\x1f HELP-YOURSELF BOOK BINS - SET OF 6Keep books of all sizes organized and accessible with our versatile book bins!Each sturdy plastic bin is sized just right for a variety of classroom books.Facing one direction, theyre big enough for picture booksturn them the other way, and theyre perfectly sized for smaller paperbacks. Best of all, children can see each title as they flip right through the bins, so they can easily find the books theyre looking forand help themselves! You get 6 bins in 6 colours.Bins come complete with labels; each bin is 14" x 7" x 5" high. 99.95GG963\x1fHelp-Yourself Book Bin Please specify colour:orange, blue, red, purple, yellow or green. Each16.95KT1100\x1fBASIC SKILLS GG834\x1fSEE-INSIDE STORAGE POUCH PRACTICE RINGThe perfect way toWS537\x1fWIKKI STIX CLASS PACKOur roomy storage pouch holds up to 10 picture booksintroduce and reinforce basic conceptsSuper-versatile and fun to use, these waxed yarn or chapter booksand has a clear-view design thatevery child needs to know!The ringpieces bend, twist and stick to each othermakes it easy to see exactly whats inside!Plus, theincludes 69 cards covering the alphabet,or to any smooth surface!The pack includes pouch features a convenient hook & loop closure andshapes, colours & numbers 0-20all in aover 450 pieces that wont break or dry out, so includes 5 labels for students names. Each14.95 vinyl pouch.Cards are 4 12 ". Each13.95 you can use them again and again.Each piece GG834X\x1fSee-Inside Storage Pouch -KT1100X\x1fBasic Skillsmeasures 6". 62.95Set of 10Each measures 10 12 " x 13". 146.95 Practice Ring - Set of 10 136.95PP116\x1fSORT & STORE BOOK TOTESOurcolourfultotesmakeit easy to sort, carry and store classroom books!Ideal for sendingbookshomewith students, storytelling kits and more,eachsturdycanvas totehasalabelholderin front, plus a clear vinyl win-dow to see inside.You get 4 totes in 4 colours, with rein-forced bottoms and hook & loopclosures.Eachmea-sures 12 12 " x 14 12 ". 64.95LC496 \x1f BEST-BUY TOTE BAGS - SET OF 10Store or transport every-thing from books to craft\x1f Colour-coded labels & stickers materials in our clear-viewJJ676 MOBILE BOOKkeep books organized!bags!With snap-togetherORGANIZER Organize your plastichandles,eachentire librarywith a book centre you can customize any way you like! sturdy plastic bag closesWood centre has 8 bins to hold up to 200 hardcover or 400 paperback completely to keep itemsbooks, with label holders in front to organize books by any topic. Just from slipping out.Theresplace a colour-coded label into each holder and a matching sticker on even space to label!Youeach book.When its time to put books away, kids just match up stickers get a set of 10 bags inand labels! With 24 labels and 420 stickers. Measures 45 14 "w x 13"d x 5 colours; each bag mea- 25 12 "h; on 4 casters. G REENGUARDCertified. Lifetime warranty. Comes sures 13" x 16". 56.95 assembled. 1,399.95Lakeshore'