b'KT2900\x1fLAKESHORE CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Teaching Resources 229Our innovative system helps you create a successful learning environmentfrom setting up a print-rich classroom and establishing routines to planning activities and ensuring easy transitions!You get wall charts for attendance, classroom helpers, schedules & rulesletter cards and labels to promote language developmentmaterials for managing learning centresand more!Includes everything listed below, plus a teachers guide, 8 wet-erase markers and a storage box. 669.95KT2904KT2907KT2901KT2906KT2905KT2902KT2903The following items are also available separately. KT2906 \x1f LearningCentreManagementSystemLabelyour KT2901 \x1fDaily Attendance & Classroom Helpers Chart centres and display whos in them with 95 title, photo & name cards! 71.95With 60 name cards, 20 class helper cards & a title card.19 14 " x 25 12 ". 61.95 KT2903 \x1f A-Z Letter Photo CardsIncludes 26 cards with upper- & KT2907 \x1fNews & Rules Charts2 wet-erase charts, a pretend micro- lowercase letters & helpful pictures to reinforce letter sounds.8" x 13". 37.95phone to share class news & rules, and more.News chart is 22" x 28". 89.95 KT2902 \x1f Everyday Songs & Activities BoxWith 12 song charts & a KT2904 \x1fDaily Schedule ChartOur 19" x 45 12 " pocket chart includes aCD, 18 daily routine cards, 5 transition flip books & more.47 pcs. 169.95wet-erase daily schedule card, 2 title cards and 22 activity cards. 53.95 KT2905 \x1f Classroom Label PackYou get 420 picture and word labels, plus blanks for creating your own!Picture labels are 3 12 " x 4". 69.95ENVIRONMENT RATING SCALE This comprehensive program provides an accurate, effective assessment of classrooms and child care settingswith handy resources that are easy to use!A great way to improve an existing program, develop a new program or prepare for accreditation, the rating scales assess and score more than 30 criteria in each programincluding furnishings, learning activities and more.Plus, each rating scale explains how to observe the environment and evaluate criteria.Weve even included a score sheet to help you accurately determine your score and track your ratings! ES222 \x1f Infant/Toddler Rating Scale 59.95ES311 \x1f Family Child Care Rating Scale 59.95ES404 \x1f Early Childhood Rating Scale 59.95ES501 \x1f School-Age Rating Scale 59.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'