b'STEM 215FF579\x1fBLOCKS & BLUEPRINTS LEARNING CENTRELittle architects cant wait to grab their blueprints and get building!Packed with 50 wooden blocks, our centre challenges kids to re-create 20 different designs using blueprints to guide their building.Each blueprint has a footprintTT758\x1fBUILDING BRICK STEM CHALLENGE KITof the structure that kids can build on top ofplus illustrations that show theGive kids a fun new way to learn basic STEM skills!From constructing design from 3 anglesso kids get practice with spatial reasoning, building 3-Da bridge for a car to cross to creating a marble maze, children design structures, early STEM skills and more!Includes 10 double-sided, laminatedtheir creationsproblem-solving their way through each exciting chal-13" x 13" blueprints at 3 levels. 109.95 lenge!You get 253 building pieces, 4 marbles and 10 double-sided FF559\x1fExtra Wooden Blocks Set includes 50 blocks in 5 shapes;challenge cards; longest building piece measures 5 78 " x 10 58 ". 56.95rectangular prisms measure 1 14 " x 1 14 " x 2 12 ". 61.95FF340\x1fMOBILE STEM STATION LL570\x1fENGINEER-A-COASTER Our cart isnt just perfect for storage andACTIVITY KITorganizationkids can even use it as anA convenient grid on top helps kidsKids love thrilling roller coastersand now they can design their own! engineering activity centre!The rolling cartmeasure & build with precision!Through trial & error, students learn how the track position affects the diskfeatures a giant 1" grid and rulers on top foras it rolls and falls from track to track & into the goal box!Plus, the magnetic building and measuring, plus a magnetic write & wipe board on each side where kidstracks stick to any flat magnetic surface, so theyre perfect for use with our can experiment with magnets, plan their designs and more.Weve even includedStand-UpMagneticDesignCentre(soldseparatelybelow).Youget three roomy cubbies and two wide, spacious shelves on the bottom for storing and5 double-sided challenge cards, 3 disks, a goal box and 10 magnetic organizing tons of STEM materials.Plus, four locking casters make it a cinch to rolltracks.Longest track measures 15". 94.95around the classroom!Wipe-clean laminate cart measures 38"w x 19"d x 24"h.LA583\x1fStand-Up Magnetic Design CentreWood; magnetic and G REENGUARDCertified.Simple assembly.Supplies sold separately. 1,399.95 write & wipe on both sides.22"w x 11 34 "d x 33"h.Easy assembly. 279.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'