b'2 Sensory PlayLE284\x1fTAP & PLAY COLOUR-CHANGINGSE581\x1fRAINBOW LIQUID SENSORY VIEWERSTake kids on a sensory adven-LIGHT CENTRE Captivate and soothe children with liquid-filled sensory viewers!Simply place ture as they explore colour, light, cause & effect andthe vibrant viewers on a light table or in a science centre and invite kids to watch more with this interactive centre!Place it on the floorthe coloured bubbles fall and dance.Then flip the viewers over to continue the or a table & invite kids to cycle through 8 colours spectacular showfor an endlessly calming sensory experience.Set of with the tap of their hands or feet!Or use the mult-i 5 durable plastic viewers in 5 colours; each viewer measures 5 34 " tall. 69.95function remote to flash or fade between colours. 19 12 " plug-in unit features a plastic LED-illuminatedTap the surface to surface that stays cool to the touch. 299.95 cycle through 8 colours! CA201\x1fCUDDLY PUPPY WEIGHTED SHOULDER WRAPImprove focus and concentrationor just add a little comfortCA312\x1fCALMING CUDDLE BALL with this fun and functional shoulder wrap! This soft, cozy ball provides tons ofSimply place the weighted puppy over a childs comfort and securityan ideal wayshoulders for a relaxing sensory experience to for kids to calm themselves whenevercalm nerves and ease anxiety.The machine-theyneedit!Designedtogivewashable fabric is super-soft yet durable children a hug, the plush ballenough to withstand everyday use.Wrap helpsreduceanxietyandis 40" long and approx. 1 34lb. 99.95soothesthesenseswhenCA202\x1fCUDDLY PUPPY kids slip in their arms andWEIGHTED LAP PADgiveitalittlesqueeze.Just like the shoulder wrap above, Best of all, its machine- but designed to fit across kids laps! washableforsuper- 3-lb. pad is 8 34 " x 23 34 ". 119.95easy care!Ball measures 11" in diameter. 78.95Gel-BeadMindful Breathing Board Find Your Feelings Emotion Slider Watch-It-Roll Emotion Friends Calming TubeEE985X\x1fCLASSROOM CALMING KIT Our kit is packed with a variety of tools that help children learn to regulate their emotionsand find their favourite method for calming down and comforting themselves!You get an emotion slider to help Calm Down Cubes kids recognize and label their feelings4 fun-to-touch gel-bead friends that soothe as children squeezea wooden board to guide kids through mindful breathing12 picture cubes featur-ingeverydaycalmingactivitiesandasee-insidetubethat relaxes kids as balls spiral down!Slider is 11" long. 114.95EE951\x1fGel-Bead Emotion Friends 29.95EE952\x1fMindful Breathing Board 24.95EE953\x1fCalm Down Cubes 24.95EE957\x1fFind Your Feelings Emotion Slider 19.95EE984\x1fWatch-It-Roll Calming Tube 19.95Lakeshore'