b'136 Infants & ToddlersAA241\x1fTODDLER TREEHOUSE HIDEAWAYOur sturdy birch cube will be every childs favourite place to relax, enjoy a good book and more!The durable unit is sized for 1-2 toddlersand features safe, rounded corners and an inviting design that provides plenty of privacywhile still keeping tots in caregivers view!Plus, weve included a comfy vinyl mat that pops in and out in a snapso its super-easy to wipe clean! Unit measures 25"w x 25"d x 25"h.Assembly required. 859.95AA818\x1fTODDLER PREMIUM BEANBAG SEATOur beanbag conforms to babys sit-ting position, so even as tots wiggle and move, theyll always findacomfyspot! 12" x 20" beanbag has AA659\x1fLAKESHORE TODDLER LOFTThe more tots move on our muscle- aneasy-cleanvinyl building loft, the more they discover!The wooden loft gives toddlers the space theycover, double-stitched need to exercise their growing bodiesboosting coordination and gross motor con- seams for durability, plus trol.Soft, carpeted surfaces encourage little ones to crawl up and down a gentleastitch-closedzipper ramp, climb on the graduated steps or explore a roomy platform where they can seethatkeepsthepolysty-themselvesinthebaby-safemirror.Thereareevenpeekabooportholes,plusrenebeadsinside. rounded edges that support tots as they start to stand and cruise!MeasuresSpecify:sky blue or 42"w x 60"d x 38"h.Guaranteed for 10 years.Assembly required. 3,999.95 sage green.144.95AA390\x1fCRAWL & EXPLORE FIRST CLIMBERPerfect for babies just starting tocrawl,thissoftandsafe environment is fun to exploreandhelpslittleonesbuild muscle control!The set comes insoothing,calmingcolours andincludesramps,arches and steps that are low enough to keep children safe as they climb over and through them! 10 dense foam pieces attach securely in place with hook & loop fastenerand have vinyl-covered surfaces that are easy to wipe clean!Climber mea-sures60"wx40"dx17"h.1,869.95Lakeshore'