b'Dramatic Play 57RR580X \x1f BIG MOUTH ANIMALS PUPPET SET Our plush puppets have giant working mouths and movable armsso children can performand verbalizewith ease!Plus, each kid-friendly LA805 \x1f LAKESHORE PUPPET THEATRE puppet features delightful details, encouraging children to get into the act. Set the stage for one spectacular performance after anotherwithSet of all 6 machine-washable, dryer-safe puppets; each is 8" to 10". 109.95ourcharmingpuppettheatre!ItfeaturesmovablecurtainsthatEach puppet is also available separately. children can easily open and closeplus a roomy stage thats big enoughRR581 \x1f Cow 18.95 RR586 \x1f Bear 18.95for two puppeteers at once.The 31 12 " x 33 12 " theatre is made of sturdyRR582 \x1f Pig 18.95 RR585 \x1f Dog 18.95hardwood.Assembly required.Puppets sold separately.229.95 RR584 \x1f Duck 18.95 RR583 \x1f Frog 18.95 TT190X \x1f LETS TALK! MULTICULTURALPUPPETS SETChildren love exploring other cultures with our fun-to-use puppet collection! From a traditional Japanese kimono to a colourful Ghanaian dashiki, the plush puppets have authentically detailed outfitsplus movable mouths and arms that are easy for small hands to control.Set of all 6 puppets below, each approx. 12" tall.Machine-washable. 229.95Each puppet is also available separately. TT111 \x1f Japanese Girl38.95TT113 \x1f Mexican Girl38.95TT114 \x1f Nigerian Girl38.95TT115 \x1f Navajo Boy38.95TT116 \x1f Ghanaian Boy38.95TT117 \x1f Chinese Boy38.95 Japanese Mexican Nigerian Navajo Ghanaian ChineseWW600SET \x1f LETS TALK! KID PUPPETS SET Each puppet is also available separately. Super-soft and super-easy for children to handle, our Lets Talk! Kid PuppetsWW601 \x1f Puppet One 37.95 WW605 \x1f Puppet Five 37.95Set makes puppet play twice as fun!These puppets all feature real-workingWW602 \x1f Puppet Two 37.95 WW606 \x1f Puppet Six 37.95mouths to encourage self-expression and build language skills.Plus, theWW603 \x1f Puppet Three 37.95 WW607 \x1f Puppet Seven 37.95puppets have permanently stitched-on accessories like a hat, hair ribbonsWW604 \x1f Puppet Four 37.95 WW608 \x1f Puppet Eight 37.95and buttons!You get a complete set of all 8 machine-washable, polyester puppets.Each puppet measures 11 12 ". 299.95WW601 WW602 WW603 WW604 WW605 WW606 WW607 WW608Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'