b'26 Block PlayUnique blocks create lifelike construction sites!EE579\x1fMIX & MATCH MAGNETIC FAMILIESChildrenmix&matchourillustratedblockstocreate contemporaryfamiliesandbuildeye/handcoordination! Featuring modern styling and a variety of skin tones, the blocks have powerful embedded magnets for no-fail building, making itConnect with easy for kids to put together families as unique as their own.Yousuper-strongYOUNG ARCHITECTS DESIGN BLOCKSget a set of 32 double-sided pieces; fathers are 5 12 " tall. 89.95 magnets! Our design blocks lay a foundation for STEM skills!Kids build towers, bridges, buildings and more with chunky 3-D blocks in 4 different styles and colours.The blocks are precisely related in size, so mixing and matching shapes is a breeze.Plus, the builders look like construction girdersperfect for imaginative play!Largest block measures 6".FF209\x1fStarter Set30 plastic builders22 rectangular builders in 2 sizes, 4 triangular builders and 4 octagonal builders.(Shown.) 64.95FF210\x1fClass Set50 plastic builders36 rectangular builders in 2 sizes, 7 triangular builders and 7 octagonal builders. 109.95PP871\x1fCASTLE BLOCKS*With our enchanting hardwood blocks, kids can create a fascinating fortress, spacious palace & more!Our durable, stackable blocks come in 12 unique shapes and are printed on every side with a medieval themeso kids can construct castles from all directions!60 blocks; largest is 6".Not scaled to unit blocks. 169.95JUMBO CARDBOARD BLOCKSStrong like bricks, yet light enough for aGB619GIANT SOFT BUILDING BLOCKSchild to lift several with one hand!These blocks are made of incredibly durableChildren can build sky-high constructionswith jumbo-size blocks that cardboardand their big, lightweight design lets even little builders createare soft, safe and wonderfully quiet!The giant, extra-thick foam pieces towering structures.In 3 colours and sizes; largest is 12" long.Easy assembly. are lightweight and a cinch to grip, with precise edges for easy CB213Starter SetSet of 24 cardboard blocks.(Shown.) 61.95 stacking.You get 32 blocks in 9 shapes and 4 colours; largest block CB214Class SetSet of 40 cardboard blocks. 94.95 measures 11 34 ". 279.95Lakeshore'