b'182 Language Shown:RhymingBASIC SKILLSGG640X\x1fFAMILY ENGAGEMENT LANGUAGE PACKS - COMPLETE SETBoth children and parents will love engaging take-home games that offer tons of fun language practice!Each pack has everything families need to play a language game to practice rhyming, vocabulary and more.Plus, each one comes with step-by-step instructions in English and Spanishso families can jump right in!Includes 8 packseach in a sturdy vinyl pouch.Rack sold separately. 369.95Each pack is also available separately.Each46.95GG642\x1fSight-WordsGG646 L etter Identification\x1fGG643\x1fRetelling GG647\x1fBeginning SoundsGG644\x1fRhyming(Shown.) GG648\x1fVocabularyGG645\x1fSyllables GG649\x1fWord BuildingGG651\x1fFamily Engagement Packs Storage RackSturdy metal rack holds up to 8 Family Engagement Packs.Includes handy labels!Rack is 16" x 21". 134.95FF955X\x1fSTORY SEQUENCING CARDS - COMPLETE SETWatch a girl build a snowman, a dog fetch a bone and morewith simple picture stories that are lots of fun to sequence!Children just arrange 3-6 cards in logical order to complete each sequencethen turn the cards over to check their work!All 3 sets, each with 48 cards.Cards measure 3 34 " x 4 12 ". 94.95Each card set is also available separately.FF957\x1f3-Scene Cards 16 sequences. 31.95FF958\x1f4-Scene Cards 12 sequences. 31.95FF959\x1f6-Scene Cards8 sequences. 31.95 Shown:3-Scene CardsRIGHT!BD550X\x1fPOWER PEN! EARLY READING QUIZ CARDS - COMPLETE SETBuild early reading skillswith instant reinforcement! Kids just touch an answer on these quiz cards with the special pen, which tells them whether theyre right or wrong.All 4 card packs, each with 53 double-sided, 3 12 " x 5 12 " quiz cards, plus an answer key.Pen sold separately. 114.95Each card pack is also available separately.BD541\x1fReading Readiness Quiz Cards(Shown.) 29.95BD542\x1fConsonants Quiz Cards 29.95BD545\x1fWord Families Quiz Cards 29.95 DD336\x1fBUILDING LANGUAGE LOTTOBD543\x1fShort Vowels Quiz Cards 29.95 Our hands-on matching game helps kids recognize & name tons of everyday BD530\x1fPower Pen! Requires 2 AAA batteries (not incl.). 24.95 wordsandbuildclassificationskills!Thesuper-involvinggameincludes36realistic manipulatives and 6 double-sided, 8" x 10" activity cards that provide BD530X\x1fPower Pen! - Set of 4 2 levels of play:Beginners match manipulatives to photos, while advancing Set of 4 pens.Each requires 2 AAA batteries (not included). 97.95 students match objects to categorieswithout picture clues! 86.95Lakeshore'