b'Math 209BASIC SKILLSGG650X\x1fFAMILY ENGAGEMENT MATH PACKS - COMPLETE SETKids & parents love these take-home math games!Each pack has everything families need to play a game & practice essential skillsand comes with step-by-step instructions in English & Spanish.All 8 packs, each in a sturdy vinyl pouch.Rack sold sep. 379.95Each pack is also available separately.Each48.95GG652\x1fCounting(Shown.) GG656\x1fSubtractionGG653\x1fNumbers & Quantities GG657\x1fPatterningGG654\x1fComparing Numbers GG658\x1fMeasurementGG655\x1fAddition GG659\x1fShapesGG651\x1fFamily Engagement Packs Storage RackSturdy metal rack holds up to 8 Family Engagement Shown:Counting Packs.Includes handy labels!Rack is 16" x 21". 134.95EE475X\x1fFLIP & SOLVE MATH BOARDS - COMPLETE SET Each board is also available separately.Kids flip their way to math mastery!Each 9" x 11" board has attached wooden tiles kids turn over to visualize andEE476\x1fAddition 46.95 solve problems.Simply select a card, place it in the holderthen flip the tiles to add bananas, subtract acorns &EE477\x1fSubtraction 46.95more!Self-checking cards have answers on back.3 boards, each with 25 activity cards. 134.95 EE478\x1fComparing Numbers 46.95LL407 LL418 LL443LL440X\x1fLAKESHORE MEASUREMENT CENTRES - COMPLETE SETeach engaging activity, they explore concepts like heavy and light, more Students get an instant, visual grasp of beginning measurement conceptsasand less, length and width, and much more.All 3 centres, each with a they conduct simple investigations with our hands-on centres!Each centre in- 9" wooden card stand. 259.95cludes 24 activity cards with illustrated instructions that are just right for begin- LL407\x1fHow Much Does It Weigh? 91.95nersplus all the tools children need to complete each activityfrom comparingLL418\x1fHow Much Does It Hold?84.95weights to measuring pencils, tables and more!Plus, as students completeLL443\x1fHow Long Is It?84.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'