b'Furniture 79LIFETIME HEAVY-DUTYWARRANTYDG374\x1fHEAVY-DUTY LAKESHORE COTOur cot is built for safety and comfort!Stackable, tip-proof cot is low to the ground, with a sturdy frame and rounded corners for added safety.Plus, the stretch-resistant polyester cover is wipe-cleanwith heat-sealed seams that resist tearing and fraying.51 34 "w x 21 12 "d x 4 14 "h; sleeping area is 48 12 " x 19".Available in tan.Lifetime warranty.Assembled! Each179.95DG375\x1fHeavy-Duty Lakeshore Cot - Set of 5Lifetime warranty.889.95LC1591\x1fEasy-Stack Cot CarrierNavy blue metal carrier holds 20 cots. 50 12 "w x 20 12 "d x 5"h; with 4 heavy-duty casters.(Not shown.)Assembled! 239.95DG249\x1fHEAVY-DUTY SIGN-IN COMMUNICATION CENTRE Great for sign-ins, parent communication and more,LAKESHORE COT SHEETour mobile centre gives everyone access to information!ItPoly/cotton blend; with elastic bands for features 24 cubbies to send home artwork, schedules and morealla snug fit.Machine-wash and dry.with labels for easy identification.Plus, the desktop puts sign-in sup- LC1589 \x1fEach 24.95plies right within reach, and 2 clips make it easy to display informa- LC1589Z \x1fDozen 294.95tion.Durable laminate centre is 26 18 "w x 16 58 "d x 52"h when open; with locking casters and rounded corners for safety.G REENGUARDPP188\x1fCot Clips - Set of 5Our durable plastic clips help kids find their cots at Certified.Lifetime warranty.Comes assembled! 1,499.95 naptime!2" x 4" clips snap on to the sides of our cots.With 10 labeling cards. 26.95DG215\x1fHEAVY-DUTY LOCKING STORAGE CABINET - 5 FT.Our heavy-duty locking cabinet keeps tons of supplies securely stored and safely out of reach! With 3 spacious shelves and wipe-clean laminate surfaces.Measures 30"w x 20 12 "d x 60"h.G REENGUARDCertified. Lifetimewarranty.Assembly required.(Not shown.) 1,299.95DG218\x1fHEAVY-DUTY LOCKING STORAGE CABINET - 6 FT.Like our cabinet abovewith an extra foot of space! Rugged laminate unit has roomy, adjustable shelves and wipe-clean surfaces. 30"wx23"dx72"h.G REENGUARDCertified.Lifetimewarranty.DG240 \x1f HEAVY-DUTY STORAGE & COMMUNICATION CENTRE Assembly req. 1,999.95Now you can keep all your students belongings and important papers for their parents together in one convenient location!Our rugged unit features storage space for 10 children, including 10 roomy cubbies, each with a sturdy, rounded hook for hanging a backpack or jacket.A shelf above each cubby works per-fectly alone or with our storage trays to provide the ideal place for schoolwork, parent notices, art projects and more.Unit measures 59"w x 15"d x 48"h; with wipe-cleanlaminatesurfacesandsafe,roundedcorners. G REENGUARD Certified.Lifetime warranty.Trays sold sep. below.Assembled! 2,199.95LL111 \x1f Heavy-Duty Storage Trays - Set of 10 Cabinets have key Each is 11" x 14" x 3" high; in 3 colours. 179.95 access for security.Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'