b'210 MathNUMBERS & COUNTINGDD152\x1fDOUBLE-SIDED MAGNETIC NUMBER TILES DD407\x1fFIND THE NUMBER ACTIVITY CENTRE Our double-sided number tiles have built-in magnets, so they stick togetherSend kids on an underwater number adventure!Children just grab an activity from every sidefor an inviting, hands-on way to build math skills!Thecard and identify which numbers they need to findthen use the tweezers to translucent tiles feature a numeral 1-10 on one side and the correspondingsearch through the tray and pull out each onematching up numbers or quantity of dots on the other, so kids can connect them to sequencecounting objects to 10 as they go!You get everything shown, including numbers, match numbers with quantities, and so much more!Set includes12 activity cards, 30 plastic numbers, 2 tweezers and a 9" tray. 54.9540 durable plastic tiles in 4 colours.Each tile measures 1 34 " square. 99.95Cards feature a number on one side & a matching quantity on the other!DD562 \x1f TRACE & WRITE NUMBER CENTRENumber formation & counting to 20 are a breezewith our handy all-in-one centre!Kids just place a card on the left side of the boardfollow the directional arrows to trace the number with a fingerthen use the attached stylus to write the number on the magnetic surface.TT625 \x1f PEG NUMBER BOARDSWhen theyre done, children slide the eraser bar to clearAs children fit 9 pegs into the 9 board and 3 pegs into the 3 board, they their workand flip the card over to count a matchingdevelop important counting skillsand learn to associate numbers with quantity of objects!Sturdy plastic board is 10 34 " x 14 34 ";Hidden cardquantities.Set includes ten 4" x 8" foam rubber boards and 60 big, easy-with 20 double-sided activity cards & a guide. 59.95 storage on back! grip plastic pegs. 76.95LL495\x1fCOUNTING CARS Kids take their math skills for a spinwith hands-on counting cars that really roll!Kids just grabacarlookatthe numeral and number wordandcountoutthematching numberofpassengersinto the seats.Plus, each car fits exactly1-10passengers,so the set is self-correctingfor tons of no-fail practice!You get10durableplasticcars withrotatingwheelsand 60passengersthatsnap securely in place; largest car measures 8 18 " long. 87.95Lakeshore'