b'Sand & Water 7A handy top is included with each table!LC981\x1fPRESCHOOL SAND & WATER TABLE-NATURAL COLOURS LC983\x1fPRESCHOOL TWO-STATION SAND & WATER TABLE -Brown and tan earth tones create the perfect natural setting for hours of open- NATURAL COLOURS Designed in calming natural tones, our rugged plastic ended sand and water play!This classroom-tough table is made from all- table has tons of great features!Simply fill one side with sand and the other with weather plastic and features super-safe rounded edgesplus 4 lockingwaterso kids can make exciting discoveries as they play with both materials at casters that make it a breeze to move around.Includes a handy plug forthe same time.Our table features 2 roomy tubs, easy-drain plugs, a handy top, a draining, a top for storage and a removable plastic liner that pops in and out inremovable plastic liner for easy cleaningand even 4 locking casters for convenient a snap.Measures 46 12 "w x 22"d x 25"h.Easy assembly.(Shown.) 729.95 transport!Measures 46 12 "w x 22"d x 25"h.Easy assembly.(Shown.) 799.95LC982\x1fTODDLER SAND & WATER TABLE - NATURAL COLOURS LC984\x1fTODDLER TWO-STATION SAND & WATER TABLE - Similar to our table above but with the casters removedso its perfect forNATURAL COLOURSAll the features of our table abovein a toddler-friendly little ones.Measures 46 12 "w x 22"d x 18"h.Easy assembly.699.95 design without casters. 46 12 "w x 22"d x 18"h. Easy assembly. 779.95AA628\x1fMIX & MATCH WATERFALLS - SET OF 4Ourcleverwaterfallset helpskidsdiscoverthe wonders of water move-mentfromacascading waterfalltoaspinning waterwheel!Kids can use thewaterfallsoneata time, or stack units 2, 3 or 4levelshighthenpour waterintothetopand EE354\x1fWACKY WATER DROPPERS -watchtheirmultilevel SET OF 4It has never been more fun to explorewaterfall creation come to the properties of water, compare water flow or evenlife!Plus, the mix & match practice colour mixing!As kids squirt water throughdesign lets kids create a the wacky, see-inside tubes, they make predictionsneweffecteverytime!Four stackable and observationsand learn to think like scientists!Each durable plastic unit 4 plastic, 6 34 " droppers come with a guide. 24.95 measures 5" tall. 74.95 waterfalls!EG430\x1f SAND & WATER ACTIVITY TUBS - SET OF 4Create sand and water centresSAN318practically anywhere!The rugged, lightweight plastic tubs are a breeze to lift, carry, load & empty.Each tub holds up to 10 gallonsEE290\x1fDESIGN & BUILD WATER BLOCKS and measures 27 12 " x 19 12 " x 6" high.Set of 4 tubs in 4 colours. 229.95 Turn any water play area into the perfect space for creative building!When our SAN318\x1fClean Sand - 25-Lb. Box floating blocks get wet, they stick to each other like magic, making it easy for This clean, 100% natural white sand is low on dustperfect for use withkids to create cityscapes, boats and more!You get 30 durable foam pieces, a the activity tubs above or any classroom sand table. 39.95 mesh storage bag and a guide.Platform piece is 7 12 ". 64.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'