b'16 Active PlayBC641\x1fSCOOTER BOARD XE229\x1fCRAWL & CLIMB CATERPILLARThe Scooter Board is full of kid-powered, muscle-building fun!Add personality to your playground with a caterpillar that children can crawl throughThis textured plastic board has sturdy casters that make rollingand climb all over!The curvy, indoor-outdoor caterpillar has roomy openings at both and swiveling a breezeplus, kids stay in control with easy-gripends and portholes to peek through.Plus, it features heavy-duty plastic construction handles for effortless maneuvering.Board measures 16" and isthat makes it safeand funfor children to sit on, crawl through and scramble over! 3 34 " off the ground.Specify colour:red or blue.44.95 Caterpillar measures over 5 feet long; openings are 20 12 ".Simple assembly. 1,099.95RA239\x1f COLOURS & SHAPES ACTIVITY MATSFrom setting up an obstacle course to creatingtargetsforabeanbagtoss, theres no limit to what your class can dowiththeseversatileactivitymats! Perfect for use indoors or out, the set includes 18 vinyl mats in 3 fun shapes and 6 colours, plus a guide filled with excitingactivityideas.Squaremats measure 9" x 9". 89.95FF560\x1fCOMPLETE BEANBAG LEARNING CENTRELooking for a fresh approach to teaching basic skills?How about a beanbag toss!Our giant board has 5 big target holes in 4 different shapes, and it comes with a huge set of beanbagsperfect for reinforcing concepts like letters, numbers, colours and shapes.The complete learning centre includes 56 beanbags, a 24"w x 36"h nylon board with pockets behind each target, plus a guide.Easy assembly.359.95Individual components are also available separately below. WSP2309 \x1fColours Beanbag Set Set of 8 beanbags labeled by colour; each is 4 12 " x 4 12 ". 28.95WSP2308 \x1fNumbers Beanbag Set Set of 10 beanbags numbered 1-10; each is 4 12 ". 36.95WSP2311 \x1fShapes Beanbag Set Set of 12 beanbags in 4 shapes; squares measure 4 12 ". 43.95WSP2307 \x1fLetters Beanbag Set Set of 26 durable canvas beanbags, each featuring an uppercase and a lowercase letter.Each beanbag measures 4 12 " x 4 12 ". 89.95FF561\x1fBeanbag Board Only Sturdy metal-frame board folds to store; 24"w x 36"h. 169.95Lakeshore'