b"108 Furniture A PLACE FOR EVERYONE CARPETSCLASSROOM CARPETS There really is a place for everyone on these giant, kid-friendly carpets!Each one provides tons of super-organized seatingwith big, vibrant spaces that give children plenty of room.Plus, each carpet is made of super-rugged, soil-resistant nylon with rich, deep colours that wont run or fadeso they look great year after year!A PLACE FOR EVERYONE CLASSROOM CARPETS GG477 \x1fClassroom Carpet for 12These bright and inviting carpets feature big, bold, extra-roomy squaresWith 12 squares for seating up to 12 children.Measures 6' x 8'.624.95that give each child their very own space to sit and play!Plus, theTT483 \x1fClassroom Carpet for 20colour-coded rows make it incredibly easy to divide the class into smallWith 20 squares for seating up to 20 children.Measures 8' x 9'. 939.95groups.Classroom-tough carpets meet a Class I rating of NFPA 253LA952 \x1fClassroom Carpet for 30and the fire-resistance standards of the Uniform Building Code.With 30 squares for seating up to 30 children.9' x 12'.(Shown.) 1,149.95Guaranteed for 10 years.A PLACE FOR EVERYONE CIRCLE TIME CARPETS GG148 \x1fCircle Time Carpet for 10Ideal for games, group activities, circle time and more, our super-versatile ovalWith 10 extra-roomy seating spaces.Measures 6' x 9'. 639.95carpets are a perfect fit in any classroom!Each carpet features an extra-largeTT904 \x1fCircle Time Carpet for 20 seating or play area in the middleplus colourful spaces around the edge forWith 20 seating spaces.Measures 9' x 12'.(Shown.) 1,099.95organized seating.Carpets meet a Class I rating of NFPA 253 and the fire-resistance standards of the Uniform Building Code.Guaranteed for 10 years.Lakeshore"