b'Sensory Play 3SE741\x1fTACTILE LIQUID LETTERSLC965\x1fSENSORY HIDEAWAY Our cozy hardwood hideaway is a private spaceTurnalphabetpracticeintoatactileexperience! to sit, relaxand explore light & texture!Kids touch & feel 6 built-in sensory disks These oversize, gel-filled letters are textured, inviting discover their reflections in 2 shatterproof mirrorsand peek through 6 circularkids to trace and squeeze, promoting sensory play windows.Plus, light shines through 5 acrylic roof panels, creating a bright rainbow ofand letter recognition.You can even place the lettersSqueeze the colours inside!33 12 "w x 30"d x 33 18 "h. Assembly req. Cushion sold sep. 2,699.95 on a light-up surface to explore colour and light!Settextured letters to of 26 plastic uppercase letters in 2 different textures LC966\x1fSensory Hideaway CushionWipe-clean vinyl; 28 12 " x 30". 139.95 and 6 colours; letters measure 4 14 ". 104.95 move the gel inside!PP504\x1fGEL-BEAD SENSORY SHAPES PP716\x1fTILT & TURN LIQUID SENSORY WINDOWSHelp children experience shapes, colours and textures at the same timeright inKids tilt and turn our liquid-filled sensory windows to guide balls into their own hands!Each squeezable vinyl shape is filled with colourful gel beads thathorseshoesaround pegsor through the wave maze!With chunky, engage kids sensesperfect for keeping fidgety fingers busy and building fineeasy-grip handles, the windows are perfect for small hands to hold and motor skills.Our 8-piece set highlights 4 fun shapeseach in a different vibrantcontrolhelping children boost fine motor skills and concentration as they colour kids will love.Square is 5" x 5".44.95 play.Set includes 3 durable plastic windows; each is 5 12 " x 8 38 ". 109.95SE401\x1fLIQUID FLOOR TILESKids simply sit, step or hop on these mesmerizing liquid tiles to watch the colours seep and swirl!Designed with a no-slip backing for safe classroom use, the tiles are filled with coloured liquid that creates ever-changing patterns when pressure is applied.Its the perfect way to provide a satisfying sensory experience while building gross motor skills!You get 4 rugged plastic floor tiles; each measures 19 34 " square. 349.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'